Ron Paul Wins Yet Another Straw Poll

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ajcrshr, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. ajcrshr


  2. Keep dreaming, hes not going to get the GOP nomination.
  3. Humpy


    What does he stand for ?
  4. pspr


    I just hope he doesn't go the 3rd party route. That would mean another 4 years of Odumbo and the fleecing of America.
  5. ajcrshr


    Bring home troops,
    Market set interest rates (end fed),
    Reduce government's size and scope to that authorized by the constitution
  6. Lucrum


    Pretty much the exact opposite of what most democrats and republicans stand for.
  7. How probably WOULD... if most Americans were not greedy little bastards.
  8. maxpi


    oh sure, the Occupiers are greedy!! The 99% got where they are by being greedy!!
  9. Get rid of income tax.
    Get rid of most of government.
    Legalize all drugs getting rid of 2/3 of the cops, jails, judges, probation agents, prisons, prosecutors, etc.
  10. Maverick74


    I'm happy to say I voted for Paul in that straw poll. The turnout was dismal.

    Ron Paul - 1907 - 52%
    Herman Cain - 670 - 18%
    Mitt Romney - 515 - 14%
    Newt Gingrich - 332 - 9%
    Rick Perry - 87 - 2.5%
    Jon Huntsman - 54 - 1.5%
    Rick Santorum - 43 - 1.2%
    Michele Bachmann - 41 - 1.1%

    I am not happy that I'm going to get spammed even more then I was before by both Paul and the Republican party. I paid my $5 and gave him my support.
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