Ron Paul Wins RLC Presidential Straw Poll with 39.69% of the Vote

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Artful D0dger, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I cant help but wonder why he always loses big in the actual elections :confused:

    He wins the straw polls,some national credible polls show him beating or running close to Obama,he wins internet polls,he raises tons of cash,people march and have big turn out rallies for him,there are many liberals who have admitted they would vote for him if he is the GOP nominee,the crowd cheer his answers at debates etc but then he gets crushed in the actual elections

    I have never seen this before with a politician who has so much support,I really start to wonder if elections are rigged when I think about Paul
  2. Yeah, it's really sad... :( Haven't you seen how CNN was recently busted wide open on saying he got 0% in a poll after the GOP debate in SC when he came in either 1st or 2nd in CNN's own poll, yet they used some obscure poll which had a total of 58 participants by some other organization. It's not the first time the MSM has been caught trying to play down Paul support. They are desperately trying to make everyone BELIEVE that he doesn't have a chance. They are scared shitless of him. He'll rip apart every special interest cartel in existence which has infested BOTH parties so deeply. He's the establishment's worst nightmare, and our only hope, for now at least...

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  3. FWIW, I'm not expecting you to follow through but, if you were interested, you could switch your party affiliation to repub so that you can vote in the repub primary for Paul, and tell all your lefty pals to do the same. You can change it back before next election season. If you are interested in campaigning I posted the link for volunteering in the Ron Paul tribute thread.
  4. The media other then Fox is liberal biased,no denying that.They will rip apart anyone anti Obama and will rip apart anyone truly anti establishment like Paul even more
  5. I already decided to vote for Paul if he got the nomination,I just decided to vote for him in the primary as well
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    I guess Ron Paul should run for Straw President! :eek:
  7. good one! :D :D
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    Ron Paul is what this Country is on it's knees, begging for. The problem is the fact that the people who vote these days are from one extreme or another, the lefty 24hr news stations don't want to embrace his common sense, and fox news obviously wants a repub.

    I can't get my Wife to want to vote anymore, her friends the same way. Guys I work with the same way... The dumbocrats and repubs have turned off so many average (if there is such a thing) people, they've basically given up on going to the polls. So sad...