Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota

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    Good for him. Fuck the establishment. Fuck the GOP and all the loser Rhinos who brought America to her knees. Fuck Santorum and Romney who are carbon copies of Obama. America needs a Constitutional Renaissance, and if the crusty old farts can't get off their ass and delegate for their establishment hack, I'm glad to see them lose. Good for Ron Paul. Hopefully he captures enough delegates and makes a huge impact at the GOP National Convention. He's the only guy that will turn this County around (not that half of you give a shit)...

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  2. go ron paul. please run 3rd party.
  3. jem


    says the apparent obamaloon.

    I know you are going to tell us you are socially leftist but fiscally communist with others money and really like ron paul.

  4. Ron Paul is the only candidate that makes sense therefore:he's a footnote in history.

    reason and logic have no place in politics.
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    <b><font size="5">L-O-L</font></b>
  6. ron paul has run how many times now and he cant break single digits. lucky to get 5% most places. at some point you have to consider the fact that its you that is out of touch with reality.
  7. rew


    Ron Paul is the only candidate aside from Romney that has any chance of beating Obama, according to some Rasmussen polls.

    In the Tuesday primaries Ron Paul just got 15% of the vote in New York, 13% in Pennsylvania, 13% in Connecticut, and 24% in Rhode Island. In all of Tuesday's primaries except Delaware Paul beat Gingrich. Paul gets well above 5% almost everywhere he runs. Yes, Romney is well ahead. This is not surprising as the media has long promoted Romney while blacking out Ron Paul. The Romneybots do as they're told.
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    I would add that Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who draws a significant number of supporters from people under 30. If you look at the audiences at the campaign speeches of the other candidates it is obvious that the non-Ron Paul part of the Republican Party will die out within 30 years. So the Republicans have a choice -- accept that Ron Paul and his ideas are the future of the party or watch themselves become an irrelevant minor party that can never win.

    I don't care for Obama at all but if the Republicans keep offering up George W. Bush clones they give me no reason to vote for them.
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    Paul's failure to get any real traction has convinced me we're done as a nation.
    I don't agree with him across the board but he is the ONLY one proposing any real reforms. I wish he were younger and sometimes his delivery could be improved. But if the sheeple won't embrace any real change, we're done.
  10. do some of you people live in the real world. ron paul has been soundly rejected by his own party. sure he has a certian appeal to the "angry white guy let her burn down so we can rebuild it" types but that is just a fringe group.
    i do hope he decides to run thrid party though.
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