Ron Paul What do you guys think?

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    Ron Paul What do you guys think? Next President or yesterdays news? Why is he better or worse than the rest?

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  3. He supports The Constitution. Many people think he is "out there" and the sad thing of it is....

    The reason they think that is because they have no idea what The Constitution outlines and calls for anymore.

    The political system and Gummint has become so twisted, warped and corrupt that it actually seems bizarre to follow what The Constitution directs.

    Fucking hilarious.

    Fucking sad.

    God only knows if he would last long before he got taken out by some other "interest".

    So far he is the only hope. Every term that this country deviates from The Constitution is one more revolution of this country down the toilet.

    People don't realize how small the government is supposed to be. They do not realize what the military is supposed to be used for. they do not understand what taxes are constitutional and which are not.

    There is no real teaching of The Constitution. They only go over the things like suffrage and all that stuff...not the REAL Constitution. The stuff that tells what is really supposed to happen. I would suggest really sitting down and reading it one day just to see how fucked the system is nowadays.

    I'm serious, the Gummint is supposed to fear the people, not the other way around.
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    ok, I'll take the bait

    On the surface, most of what Ron Paul says is true.

    But he supports increased LEGAL immigration guest workers/H-1b visas and voted for them. They're the greatest threat to the middle class. This is not an issue way in the past, it's forming now and threatens to snowball. The H-1b/outsourcing labor model is a threat to all white collar employment, it's a LABOR issue, not tech. Even if you aren't 'protectionist', wiping out that large of employment before figuring out what people will do instead will be a disaster for the middle class

    I don't think you'll find many on this forum who dissagree with his comments on the Federal Reserve. I know I don't. But does anyone really think one man can get rid of it without having an 'accident', or at his age, perhaps 'health problems'? It's been in place for about 40% of the time of this nation. It's been in place for about 95% of the financial lives of all Americans living and dead.

    Of course he's right about the middle east. But does anyone really think after 54 years of screwing with them we can say 'come to think of it, this is all our fault', and then they're going to give us a medal for our new honesty?

    He's been in and out of congress since the 1970s. Yes, he's voted against all kinds of bad things, and yes that's great and would be terrific if more people did the same.

    But he's proposing RADICAL changes in policy, even if they're in the right direction. What track record does he have in actually implementing changes on these issues after 30 years of trying? -> ZIP. Ever notice how that's never brought up?

    With immigration/guest workers vs mideast policy and fed reserve, he's chasing the horse that long got away, but still leaving the barn door open for the horses still there

    ok, flame away
  5. I thought he would start to make a big run given the amount of money he's raised, but more and more it seems that he's being pushed aside.

    It's sad. I commend the guy on sticking to his guns and screaming what needs to be said. But my experience last night sums it up, when my wife and I were watching the debate. RP's tax response was indicative of his problem.

    Host asked something like ,"what about our tax system needs to change?" RP starts going off as usual about the "inflation tax". My wife sits there with kind of a blank stare, then looks at me. I explained what he was saying in a more comprehensible manner. She shrugged and said, "Oh, is he right?"

    My response, "Doesn't really matter whether or not he's right. Over 90% of people voting don't even understand a fraction of what he's saying."

    That is Ron Paul's problem. I don't think he should abandon his stance just to win the election, but he doesn't stand a chance while ranting and raving like he does. Extreme tunnel vision on a topic that most voters don't understand or care much about.
  6. I really like RP, but most of what you said is spot on.

    Did anyone ever watch that movie with Robin Williams as a talk show host running for president? Same situation.

    RP gets support from two crowds.

    1- Places like ET that are filled with people who are familiar with finance and the workings of the FED. Most of these people understand what sort of situation this country is in, and that RP is the only one proposing to change it.

    2- The Youtube internet crowd who really like seeing someone try to stick it to the man. Just like in that movie. People love to see someone like RP screaming "the truth", but the huge majority won't take him serious enough to vote him into office.

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    Check out the Ron Paul blimp.

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  8. :D If nothing else, the RP supporters will revolutionize the future of presidential campaigning.
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    i'm sure jeb and chelsie are taking notes
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