Ron Paul...Ugh, will he ever grow up?

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  1. US Congress Condemns Violence Against Demonstrators in Iran...the 405 to 1 vote was the strongest expression of support yet from the U.S. Congress for demonstrators who have been protesting the result of Iran's disputed election that left President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power.

    The only vote against the resolution was cast by Representative Ron Paul, who although a Republican considers himself a political libertarian.

    While condemning "attempts by foreign governments to suppress the democratic aspirations of their people," he said he admired President Obama's cautious approach to the situation in Iran, and said U.S. criticism of other countries was often "selective" when making a political point.
  2. Voting on ur conviction in a public forum in the face of overwhelming opposition is the epitome of grown up.

    Going with the crowd makes one a Simian.
  3. +1

    Ron Paul stands for the principles of this nations founders,Stay out of other countries affairs
  4. Nope, not really, a stubborn child doing one stupid thing after another "in the face of overwhelming opposition" of teachers, parents and other adults is hardly "the epitome of grown up". And having these childish, inflexible, rigid, impractical and unrealistic convictions at the age of 69 is certainly the opposite of being a grown up.
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    I like the idea of butting out, let them sort it out.

    Carter sided with the protestors in 1979, look what that got him and us. How often are we told that the US is hated for meddling in foreign affairs? Do we really know that the protestors represent the majority? Why can't the Europeans or Chinese take the lead?
  6. He's 73.

    Just sayin'.
  7. During the French revolution our leaders weren't passing resolutions to condemn the French government
  8. The resolution did not take sides, it condemned violence against demonstrators.

    The resolution expressed support for "all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties and rule of law" and affirms "the importance of democratic and fair elections." Lawmakers also condemn what they call "the ongoing violence" by the government and pro-government militias against demonstrators, and the Iranian government's "suppression of independent electronic communications through interference with the Internet and cell phones."

    Come on Ron Paul, this should have been a no-brainer.
  9. Stubborn child, childish, rigid, impractical, unrealistic:

    ad hominem.

    Teachers, parents: appeals to authority

    It is a very good thing that none of our great thinkers and inventors thought like this. They were almost certainly told that it can't be done, why can't u b just like everyone else, why rock the boat, etc.

    Ron Paul presents a cogent argument without the logical fallacies. It would serve u better to inform us as why u think Ron Paul is in error, and present a antithesis to his thesis, without the logical fallacies

  10. no brainer: ad hom.

    The wording of the resolution: confusing cause and effect.

    A vote of this type infer that the US is on the side of the protestors, and to take ANY side in the affairs of a soveriegn nation essentially violates what Thomas Jefferson felt about foreign wars.

    As Obama so eloquently said, it ain't our business:cool:
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