Ron Paul to win Republican Nomination?->Possible

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LT701, May 21, 2007.

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    because Independents and even democrats can 'cross-over' register as Republicans for just one election - all you forfiet is your right to vote in the democrat primarys, which most democrats dont do anyway

    many dems dont care which of those dem chucklheads get the nomination

    many dems, republicans and independents are sick of liars

    rather than create a 3rd party, why not just hijack the republican party?

    after all, they hijacked us, didnt they?

    wouldnt that be nice payback?
  2. yes.... the republicans have done this twice to Cynthia McKinney when she spoke out about 9/11 before most knew there was a "truth movement."

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    Ron Paul doent claim that 911 was an 'Inside Job' or anything like that

    He really doesnt say anything different that what the 911 commission report said, that 911 was in part 'blowback' from US involvement in the mideast over the years - he doesnt say 911 was justified

    common sense, really

    osama bin ladin was an unsavory charactor we allied with in the 1980s to deal with a common enemy in afganistan, the soviet union

    these kinds of deals happen all the time

    does anyone deny we were allied with the soviet union in wwii?

    paul doesnt even say that the alliance with bin ladin was wrong, after all, it did contribute to the fall of the soviet union - Reagan called the mujahadine (whom bin ladin was a part of) 'freedom fighters' - Paul's just saying we've got to be more honest about what's going on, if we're going to solve it
  4. I think Paul has added a lot to the debate. I don't believe he is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, but like a lot of us, he knows the 9/11 Commission was stacked with party hacks to prevent anything really disturbing coming out. That's why Jamie Gorelick's infamous memo was deepsixed. That's why they blocked any mention of Able Danger. That's why they softpedaled Clinton's failure to nab OBL and the CIA and FBI's incompetence.

    This election may be our last chance to put the Republican Party back on course. If Rudy or McCain gets the nomination, it's over. At this point I think the most likely ticket will be Fred Thompson/Mitt Romney. I believe that is a formidable ticket I could live with.

    I predict the party insiders will soon begin a push to restrict future debates to four or five approved candidates. Paul and Tancredo are causing too much discomfort to be allowed to continue.
  5. they have already tried and suffered major "Blowback".... btw, fred thompson is a pro war neocon insider just like the rest of them. romney wants to double torture. you people still arent getting it.
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    fred thompson is a folksy tradionalist seeming republican actor, but his numbersusa record on guest workers SUCKS! 100% for them

    i had to go to that site, because all the buzz about fred an not one substantial comment on his RECORD or even stand on issues

    i never trust anyone like that

    Paul has 10 terms of record, consistent with his talk

  7. but fred has a commercial, smoking a cigar where he really sticks it to michael moore. that doesn't get you fired up?
  8. LT701


    so far, he's just another Obama

    lots of buzz

    no substance
  9. He is Reaganesque. People like him and feel secure with him in charge.
  10. People need to quit thinking that they need their government to protect them and nurture them from cradle to the grave.
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