Ron Paul: To The Left Of Obama! Dick Morris TV

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scataphagos, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Mvector


    Ron Paul is off in his own correct realm of economic and government reality - obama and others are left or right of insanity!
  2. Ron Paul kind of represents an existential threat to the entire ecosystem of guys like Morris and Karl Rove.
  3. Mvector


    Very true - very true!
  4. Ricter


    To be more precise, Ron Paul is an existential threat to our empire.
  5. Lucrum


    I thought you hated empires.
  6. pspr


    Maybe the next President can make Ron Paul the Closet Czar and only take him out when he needs to stir things up a bit. :D
  7. wjk


    A win for Paul, especially a presidential win, would rock the republican establishment to its very core. I’m not necessarily in his camp currently, but it would be nice to see conservatives remember some issues regarding the constitution and federalism, as they no doubt would during campaign 2016 time if Paul were to win in 2012.

    I’m enjoying the fear being demonstrated by the likes of Dick Morris and others. I could see a vote for Paul over Romney as a strategy vote since I’m sick of wasting my vote on flip floppers and liberal republicans. The claims that Paul is left of Obama are laughable. Morris should take a hard look at Romney’s past. Ending the WOD, for example, is not a left wing or right wing issue. It is a constitutional issue.

    Some of Paul’s ideas (not all) regarding foreign threats are a cause for concern, but in my mind perhaps of less import than the domestic issues we face during the next 4 years.
  8. jem


    In the old days the left was close to where Ron Paul is on many issues.
    That is why Reagan said the the party left him, he did not leave the party (democrats)

    Democrats were once big on Constitutional Rights and big on Privacy Rights. The honorable left was once afraid of bigger govt.
  9. jem


    I saw Ron Paul on T.V. saying he was against abortion and thought it was murder.

    How that hell could Dick Morris utter such a lie.
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