Ron Paul: The Most Likely GOP Candidate to Beat Obama

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  1. Two recent Rasmussen polls show that Ron Paul is not only statistically tied with Obama (38% vs. 39%); he does better against the current president than any other declared or potential GOP candidate:

    Ron Paul 38%, Barack Obama 39% (1% difference)
    Rick Perry 40%, Barack Obama 43% (3% difference)
    Michele Bachmann 39%, Barack Obama 43% (4% difference)
    Mitt Romney 38%, Barack Obama 46% (8% difference)
    Sarah Palin 33%, Barack Obama 50% (17% difference)
  2. I mentioned this earlier.Considering how poorly he is doing in GOP primary polls but so well in the general election polls shows that Paul has a lot of liberal and independent support in a general election,but the GOP wont nominate him

    I'm voting for him in the GOP primary and the General election if he gets the nod but its the republicans that wont let him make it past the GOP primary :(
  3. A Gallup poll from a week or 2 ago had him only 2 points behind Obama
  4. So, you're registering as a republican? :D
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Do you even think before you post? Just 12% of liberals would vote for Ron Paul against Obama, while 82% of republicans would. Ron Paul has vitrually the same numbers from democrats against Obama, as Perry, Romney, and Bachmann. He also has identical numbers of independants. Once again you prove that you dont know your head from your ass.

    Yeah its really the liberals who are going to get Ron Paul elected. You are just trying desperately to convince people that there are lots of people out there who would vote for either Obama or Ron Paul. Most people would have admitted they said something dumb, a long time ago, but you(RangeRover) just seem to double down on stupid repeatedly.

  6. Just Temporarily
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Seems pretty clear to me which party is supporting Ron Paul, based on the Gallup poll you are referring to, and it sure as hell isnt the democrats/liberals, i have showed you the support from both independants, and liberals for Obama against Ron Paul based on the poll you are referring to, and it is basically no different then any of the other candidates.