ron paul the crazy old man.

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  1. ron paul was on leno last night so i listened to him. he has no clue. i do like his anti war stance but on economics he has no clue. he actually said. i want to grow the economy. i will cut a trillion dollars from spending the first year. now anybody with a brain should know that cutting a trillion dollars from the economy in one year would cause a depression in the us. that would be the opposite of growing the economy.
    if he had said we have to cut a trillion dollars and it will cause hard times in america but in the long run i think it is a good thing i would respect him for saying it.

    i just dont see the appeal of a guy who wants to take us back to 1937. if he ever becomes a threat to win and somebody decides to pin him down on exactly what he plans to take away from the american people it will be all over.
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    What a bunch of delusional partisan bull shit. Anybody with a brain knows we cannot keep this magnitude of deficit spending going PERIOD.
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    Ron Paul did excellent on leno show - many people are talking about how great he did all over the net and I have to agree. - i keep doing my part for real change
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    Agreed, when rational people listen to the man they can't help but like what he has to say, unless they feel their governmental tit is about to be taken away....... if we stay they current plan we are doomed, the longer we stay on the current plan the worse it feel when we break away.... we are already bankrupt as a country, masquerading around ignoring that fact doesn't change it.

    Ron Paul wants to put the country back on it's original course, which reverberates well among the center rights and independents who are fed up with politics as usual ... you want REAL hope and change from normal political bullshit.... Paul's your man as both parties have shown their united mindset over the last 12 years
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    Anybody with a brain knows that we can't print our way to prosperity. Do you want a one trillion dollar tax increase? To cut the deficit just to where it was in 2007 without cutting spending that's what you'd have to do. How good would <i>that</i> be for the economy? Instead, no doubt, you want the government to continue borrowing $1.5 trillion every year. Just what right do you have to impose this debt on future generations of Americans? Realistically, the only way it will be paid off is by drastically devaluing the dollar. What right do you have to rob millions of Americans of their savings?

  6. Which departments will have their budget cut , luke ?
    maybe you can tell us.

  7. Is there a clip of this?

    Ron Paul is saying all the right things in my mind.

    Clip? Im open minded.
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  9. Great interview!!!!

    Now I am 100% positive that Ron Paul will be President of the USA just as soon as we have another Tea Party.

    Not the group, the real deal.
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    With Odumbo at the helm? NONE
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