ron paul the conspiricy nut.

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  1. while i like his anti war stance the guy is a conspiricy nutter. that being said i still hope he wins iowa and even the republican nomination.
    With Mixed Results, Ron Paul Tries To Terrify Small Town Iowa

    Evan McMorris-Santoro reports from a Ron Paul town hall in Iowa Friday afternoon where the Texas Republican warned darkly of “the UN controlling our lands” and coming chaos in the streets.

    SIOUX CENTER, IOWA — Ron Paul stood before a crowded public library conference room here and warned the packed house that the United Nations is coming to take their land and that America is this close to riots in the streets against a government that is becoming more and more like a dictatorship.

    Paul warned of the pro-United Nations lobby coming to take control of your property:

    If you want to use your property, you have to get a lot of permits. If you’re in the development business, from the low-level all the way to the top, you have to get permission from the federal government…I’m fearful because some people would like us to go all the way to the UN and have the UN controlling our lands, too.
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    The UN is here - go ask any farmer or rancher about Agenda 21 plan and what is happening to controls of their land.

    Dr. Paul got it right again - he is on the cutting edge of reality!

    Ron Paul 2012!!! Americas last chance to get it right!
  4. So does Obama.
  5. Instilling irrational fear in gullible people is great way to control them.
  6. yes. its the only way,other than at the point of a gun, to get people to vote against their own best interests.
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    Right - you described 9/11 perfectly - thank you for that example! ;-)