Ron Paul surging in NH

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  1. As long as the GOP in Iowa doesn't decide to strip all RP's delegates I'd say we are off to a very good start.
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    Why is the "establishment" afraid of Ron Paul?
    (You don't have to say "out loud" if you don't want to.:))
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    Great news. Hopefully the Live Free or Diehards will come to their senses in the next week. America desperately needs Ron Paul !
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    Well, an awful lot of Massachusetts transplants live in New Hampshire, and they take their politics with them. Romney is going to win, the best we can hope for is that Paul comes in a strong second.

    If that happens the headlines will read, "Romney Wins in New Hampshire, Santorum is Third".
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    I know. The momentum Santorum is "trying to build" is all over the headlines.

    I watched a lot of CNN yesterday. THE LIGHT, they cast on Santorum. It was like he had just been deified by Mother Teresa. Here was a man, who has been married to an incredible woman, and they've got three, incredible children. This guy is so well loved by his neighbors, and so full of love for the world. And pain. My God, this man has gone through pain. Their third child, Gabriel, lived only 2 hours. He was near still born with a congenital defect. What an unimaginable loss for a parent. For their family. But they brought that dead baby home and showed their kids. Because he wanted his kids to know, they had a brother. John King did a great fucking job. Wow. I couldn't believe it. Here's a regular fucking dude, who's been through regular ass shit, and they cue some heart-tugging classical guitar , fade in with the close-up, in soft, warm light, and Rick talks for 15 minutes about his family, his love, his personal pain. And here I was, about to vote for Ron fucking Paul, that dirty kook.

    And when its time for Paul? Smirks, attacks, unwinnable, unelectable etc . Nobody gives a flying fuck about Rons personal story. The mans was married to the same lady for 50 fucking years, done more charitable medical work for the poor than the lot of these useless scabs, fought religiously for our liberties in Congress, and it's Rick Santorum. The man who's baby boy died, but he continued. Sniffle.
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    Because the establishment, read business, profits mightily from cheap, reliable inputs from abroad. So do you, according to trickle-down theory.
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    What else does your crystal ball tell us, Ricter?
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    Crystal balls are used to see the future, no? My statement is based on our history.
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