Ron Paul supporters very active on internet.

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    How can individuals contribute more than the max?

    We have to put together a C130 charity?

    Whats the process?
  2. people, we have a real fight ahead of us. it will be the old media and elite oligarchs against the people/internet.

    as already seen on the debate, we won the first round. they are now scrambling to make their next move. ignoring Ron Paul is not going to work... it actually made the story that much better. their next card is to paint Dr Paul as a racist with "out of context" quotes that hold no merit.

    we will take these quotes and destroy them one by one. there are many hurdles to fight, such as black box voting, media manipulation, and fake GOP'ers/neocons fighting him from within the party.
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    Seems its called a 527 Group (not C130 lol).

    527's cant directly advocate election of a candidate. Rather, they can only support a cause or issue...

    I need a political mastermind like AAA or Jayford to school me on the options here.
  4. myspace blocking ron paul supporters accounts:

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  5. here is an interesting exercise.

    go to

    enter Ron Paul in vs any other democrat or repub candidate.

    Paul is way ahead.

    he beat Hilary Clinton 44,500,000 to 19,300,000

    he beat John McCain 44,500,000 to 3,790,000

    I ran Paul against Paris Hilton

    Paris beat him 55,400,000 to 44,500,000.

    They can say the guy is irrelavent, but his popularity in Google is quite impressive.
  6. Amazing - Myspace is censoring Ron Paul content

    What country am i in?
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