Ron Paul says it perfectly

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    From Feb 2009.

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  3. pspr


    In one ear and out the other.
  4. lol How can those people on CNBC play that off like it's completely out of the realm of possibility. Do they seriously believe there are only rainbows and blue skies ahead?
  5. kxvid


    Lol Marc Faber was pissed that cnbc gave ron paul airtime. Ron Paul is stands against everything NBC/GE/establishment is for, no wonder.
  6. Lucrum


    Yep, Barnyard Frank acted like nothing was said.

    Hardly a member of congress is willing to speak or even listen to the truth.
  7. Do you mean David Faber? I haven't heard Marc Faber give commentary on Ron Paul's speeches but I would think that he would generally be positive about Paul since the two share similar views.
  8. toc


    Ron Paul is a real patriot and very sensible person. But the problem is he does not have much support in the political and economic leadership clusters, so basically all he talks and warns about goes out the other ear quickly.

    Wish Obama had given Ron Paul a place in his administration, in the economic and foreign policy circles.

    Another guy who talks sense is Kucinich, yes the little Kucinich. But other than late night jokes he does not get much other attention. Welcome to reality of politics.
  9. Ron Paul speaks about common sense and realistic solutions, neither of which have any role in the game of politics. I vote, but past that take no pleasure in that game played upon the taxpayer, at their expense and to their demise, no less, as the current administration's multi-trillion-dollar deficit and multi-multi-trillion-dollar-debt-increase attest.
  10. Mark or David "El Duche" Faber??
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