Ron Paul Rejects Evolution

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    Here's the problem with a list like the above (for any candidate, not just RP) ... votes are taken in Washington on bills that have *dozens* or even *hundreds* of issues tacked on/in them.

    For instance (hypothetical), there could be a bill that doubles your taxes, calls for the death penalty for jaywalking, puts handicapped children on the front line of the war and forces all poodle owners to register as possessing a lethal weapon -- oh, and it includes a line for welfare recipients where they have to sign saying they really, really really, need the money to buy smokes.

    Vote "No", and you end up on a list somewhere where it claims you "voted against welfare reform".

    For it to mean anything but crap to me, I have to know what was in the bill *in entirety*, and I also have to know what sorts of deals were cut (vote exchanges) before the vote.


    PS: It's a continuum, and of course the above is extreme.
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  2. dumbass... i said you remind me of them.. i didn't claim what your position was then. i know what it is now regarding ron paul.. and you're an idiot, a complete fool.
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  3. OK, lets add...

    No CIA, no FBI...


    Fucking wacko...

    Anyone out of their 20's support this guy?
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  4. he votes no based on consistent principles, i.e. whether something is constitutional or not. i guess the constitution is nutty? like the rosa parks medal... he doesn't care if something is popular, he goes to the constitution to see if it is allowed. apparently it wasn't.. he voted no for some award to reagan... but he offered to pay for it with his and other individuals in congress' own money.

    wow this consistent Ron Paul guy is a wack.
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  5. the CIA is out of control, they have meddled in other countries' affairs for way too long. the rogue elements in the CIA need to be removed... probably too hard to do. get rid of it.

    they brought saddam hussein to power.. they brought the taliban to power...etc. google bush zapata and united fruit company. they work against our own interest.

    they don't work for the american people.. they answer to their bosses at the CFR and goldman sachs. traitors!!!
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  6. That tag was NOT mine.

    I support none of these idiots,

    If I have to, McCain.

    Stop putting anything in my mouth.
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  7. But Ratboy....

    You are obviously a youngster.

    Watch and learn.


    Call if ya want. we are grilling in a few.
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  8. no offense but i have been right about almost everything the past few years.. so i think i will pass calling a brainwashed neocon brown noser. (but it was real tempting)
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  9. might want to hit the quote button next time.
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  10. Turok


    >no offense but i have been right about almost
    >everything the past few years

    Being "right about almost everything" is oh so easy in a self created reality. Cinchy.

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