Ron Paul Receives His Biggest Endorsement Yet!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DemZad, Dec 28, 2011.

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  2. Mvector


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    barry s had to give back corzine money - hilarious! Ron Paul does not want to have to give back any Freddie Mac money - so we never ever want gingrich support! ;-)
  3. 377OHMS


    I won't vote for Paul either. To many nuts worshipping him.

    Reminds me of the sheep that drank the koolaid in Jonestown.

    It is academic anyhow. Romney wins the nomination and loses to Obama in the general election. The republicans are incapable of nominating a conservative so we'll go with a liberal yankee who was Governor of the State of Taxachusetts and hope for the best LOL.
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  5. Mvector


    Your plan is MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction.

    How did that work for you last election? LOL!
  6. wjk


    The sheer amount of money Romney spent to destroy someone who has more credit as a conservative than he does is exactly why I would never trust him as prez. He is a liberal at heart, and one of my biggest concerns...he wants it way too much. When watching the debates, I thought he was like a little kid waving his hand in the air waiting for teach to call on him. He will be worse than Bush ended up being when it comes to conservatism and libertarianism. He is the Liberal's Republican.
  7. Ricter


    The righties here were singing Newt's praises the week before last, when it looked like he was a winner.
  8. 377OHMS



    He is a liberal. He is being selected for us by the MSM. Why would I bother casting a vote for him?
  9. wjk


    I get the impression that he is also the favorite of many in the establishment republican party. The abandonment of conservative principles in the GOP bodes well for the progressives, though it possibly signals the beginning of the end for the GOP. As that happens the Tea Party will grow, which doesn't bode so well for the progressives. Their fear of the Tea Party was as enjoyable as Dick Morrison's fear of Ron Paul.
  10. BSAM


    If the elite arm of the Republican Party cram Mitt-The-Flip down the people's throats, the people should stay home on election day.
    This reminds me of what we are seeing in Russia right now with Putin.
    If Mitt-The-Flip is the Republican nominee, I hope Obama gets a second term.
    And trust me, I ain't no Democrat.
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