Ron Paul - Predictions in due time

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DemZad, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Thanks for posting that. I wonder if this video will be used, probably in edited form, as a Paul political Ad. It would be nice to see it played in full at the Republican National convention just to see what the reaction would be.

    I'm sure there will be Paul utterances that seem pretty nutty popping up in the media if the establishment feels threatened by him. Just the way American Politics works. It is not about finding the best candidate, though that could happen as a coincidence, but it is more about money and control. The Real U.SA. seems quite different than what I was taught in 9th grade civics class.
  3. Pretty scary how spot on he's been . The best is at the end where he states that he hopes he is wrong. I have also made that statement many times....unfortunately it looks like he was right.
  4. If they can run this and run this and run this, maybe, the people will make him the GOP nominee.
  5. They have the cash so why not? His numbers continue to get better both in NH and SC. It's beginning to look like a horse race.
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    That's actually the best video I've seen on Ron Paul yet.

    The problem DAS is that no one wants to get rid of the welfare state even if it means restoring the economy or ending wars. And the welfare state is where Obama gets his power. When I was a kid, the welfare state was so small. No one pandered to it because there were no votes there. So it had to be created. It had to be built. It had to be spread. It had to be maintained. Now it's so large that it makes up the majority of the voting public. Mission accomplished. I think the democrats got what they wanted. A majority welfare state where the minorities have now become the majority and where there is no hope or chance of it ever changing.
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  8. Let's push it back the other way. Ron Paul will begin the process. He's the only one offering substantial cuts to spending, therefore, the only one approaching our debt problem logically. He won't get everything he wants (or doesn't want) but Ron Paul will push things in the right direction. Granted, we are talking about a fundamental shift in perception. Pain tends to wake people out of their slumber.
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    Yes, but you are not listening. Pushing it back means telling the majority of people in this country they we need to take away their welfare. And how do you propose we do that? I've said this to you many times DAS, neither the right or the left wants to give up their welfare. They just don't want to. You can't make them. They have the vote.

    BTW, this is why a majority of Ron Pauls support are young people. They are the only ones who have not yet been indoctrinated in the system yet. This is why the liberals are working so hard at the college level to get them on board.
  10. Not necessarily. We can transition gradually off of these programs. Also, with real economic growth will come the means for those currently suckling at the government teat to be able to fend for themselves.

    I'm not ready to concede this as fact. I'll stipulate some would feel this way but not all. Many are ashamed at having to take benefits and only do it as a last resort. If we create the right type of economic climate, many wouldn't need the benefits.

    That sounds like a great reason to get behind Ron Paul. The young are least likely to vote yet they are fired up by the man. It is the responsibility of the youth to bring about positive change since we old folks have largely failed. A fundamental shift in perception must occur for many but that starts with a conversation. I know just the guy to start that conversation.

    Yes Maverick, there will be resistance; to quote Frederick Douglas, without struggle there is no progress.
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