Ron Paul praises the criminal element...

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  1. Ron Paul praises convicted tax evaders

    Associated Press - June 26, 2007 8:35 AM ET

    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - New Hampshire's convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have gained a new supporter: presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

    In an interview with, the Texas congressman compares the Browns to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior. He says the Browns are suffering like those leaders.

    The Browns are holed up in their Plainfield (New Hampshire) home and have threatened violence against federal officials if marshals come to arrest them. They were convicted of an elaborate scheme to hide millions of dollars in income. Their protest has become a rallying cry for anti-tax activists and militia members.
  2. ron paul is such a sad fuck.... libertarians... what d'u expect...
  3. zzzZZZ, you probably know zero about this case. the browns begged the courts to show them the law. the irs couldn't show them the law. the judge disallowed almost all evidence in the case... and made a mockery of the judicial process.

    zzzZZZ.... show me the law that states that the browns are required to pay income tax.... you can't do it because it is not there.

    Ron Paul knows this and he wants the law to be shown too. they are not criminals.... they have committed no crime and only ask to be left alone.

    i will give you some hints on where to look... chapter one, sub-section N... 861. also you need to look at what the supreme court has ruled as what constitutes INCOME... the definition of the word is extremely important and the supreme court has ruled on this.

    have fun zzzZZZZ.... cause you are WRONG AGAIN!!!!!
  4. In your love affair with the septuagenarian Paul, you are too blind to see that a comparison between these convicted tax evaders who do so for selfish reasons, threatening violence...and King and Gandhi who tried to help free people from genuine oppression in a non violent manner is par for the course of the mindless Paul Kool Aid drinkers...

  5. "The Browns have each been sentenced to 63 months in prison for crimes related to their refusal to pay federal income taxes for nearly 10 years. The Browns contend that there is no law compelling Americans to pay income taxes. "

    5 years in prison for failing to pay homage to the Gubment....
  6. there is no law zzzZZZ go look it up. there is no law. there is no law. there is no law. what part of that do you not get?

    this has nothing to do with king and ghandi. zzzZZZ you are a coward.

    they don't want violence but the marshall have already shot at and tasered a completely innocent man on the premises.
  7. Conscientious objectors and civil disobedients don't threaten violence....threatening violence is a criminal mindset.

    Thoreau went to jail to object to taxes, without a violent resistance.

    It is kooks like these people, and the wacky Paul followers that give the entire fringe element groups their bad names...

  8. zzzZZZZ you dont know anything about this case..... the marshalls started the violence first. the browns are extremely peaceful. defending oneself from attack is normal.
  9. You sound like Dorothy clicking her magic ruby slippers together saying, "There is no law, there is no law, there is no law..."

    Stories like this, in which you take the irrational position, people who support acts of violence, show the true nature of the Paul supporters...nut jobs...

  10. whatever coward... you can't find the law.
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