Ron Paul polls #3 in Illinois Straw Poll

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aeliodon, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. maxpi


    Ron Paul is the guy that wants to return to a stricter interpretation of the Constitution? Or would that be the guy that doesn't despise the Constitution and the founding fathers? There is nothing standing between us and complete, utter, tyranny other than the Constitution. I know a couple of guys that make courts, cops, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. adhere to the Constitution and they have a target rich field of operation for sure. They get people fired and laws changed all the time because these folks are used to getting away with tons of little things because nobody is watching and it is not worth the hassle, and sometimes huge things like running molester and drug rings inside the child welfare agencies or covering up for their Lodge buddies...
  2. Paul's poll number has risen from ~3.0 to ~4.5 this month. Take it with a grain of salt.