Ron Paul: On The Issues

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  1. I have already said, I don't like anyone who is running.

    Please, please, please take those meds...

    I would like a reasonable centrist, a moderate who could pull the country together. I like Evan Bayh, but he isn't running. Colin Powell I liked too, but he isn't running.

    Extremists like you need to be again, I implore you to go back on the meds.

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  3. evan wouldn't have a prayer, so according to your logic... scratch him. and the mere mention of powell makes me want to barf. he was a coward that went along with the neocons... in the end, he was all hype and of avg intelligence.

    two pitiful choices ..... exactly what i expected. watch dude's video of gravel... if you had chosen him i would almost respect that.
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  4. You asked me who I liked, not who would get elected.

    I don't like any of the current candidates.

    Please, pretty please, take those meds...

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  5. i said "who is your grand liberal choice for president." so basically... you dont have one at all. u named evan and powell.

    tell you what, i think we are all better off if you just stfu, if that is the best you can do. someone please flush the terdbowl next time ZZZzzzz keeps popping back up.
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  6. They are my choice for president, but neither are running...I don't get hung up on labels like "grand liberal choice"...only fools, ditto heads, Ann Coulter fans, those who have been Hannitized think in that way...I have said I want a moderate and a centrist who can bring the country together, I did not say I want a liberal necessarily.

    Please, please, please...take those meds...

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  7. Ron Paul is interesting and I Agree with him on most NOT all the issues.

    On balance thoough, I think I would prefer Bloomberg, I pray he runs!
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  8. you lost any credibility you may have had by making this statement. ron paul and bloomberg are polar opposites... you can not be considering one or the other. where do you people come from?
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  9. Speaking of "polar" it is time for your lithium...

    You stop taking your lithium, and you become a raving bi-polar fanatic...

    So please, take your meds....

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  10. Aurum


    I highly doubt News Corp blocked the posts because it was generating too many posts (and ergo page views) on MySpace. Rupert Murdoch has an agenda, and I don't believe it's fair and balanced reporting.
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