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  1. unreal... PEOPLE PUT THE CRACKPIPES DOWN!!! no real pressing problems? ummm.... the dollar is crashing and you believe the pundits that keep lying about no inflation? dont buy into this ex-core propaganda. we are having very significant inflation NOW. do you even drive?

    iraq has no financial consequences? so spiraling deficits are no longer important in this NEW ECONOMY huh? lmaooooooooo ok,.. i have heard it all now. go to your neocon republican convention and yuck it up with all the bush lovers.
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  2. unreal... these oligarchs tell us what they are going to do 5 yrs ahead of time.. and when it happens you people still stay in denial.
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  3. he would immediately start the process of bringing home the troops. he wouldnt be the commander in chief of the us citizens.. but he sure as hell would be the commander in chief of the armed forces. that power would be used immediately and would have a significant ripple effect.

    also, he could write an executive order doing away with the previous communistic executive orders of the old guard.(read communist... like clinton and bush)

    he could also end the fake war on drugs that have such a negative impact on this country.
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  4. Get lost you bum!
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  5. History and battles of central banks go way back, beyond 1970 and 20th century.

    Godlike abilities of Greenspan and Bernanke? Do you even understand how the Federal Reserve board is structured? Did Greenspan own the Fed? Does Bernanke? It's a corporation with shareholders.

    Anyway, how do China & India increase inflation? If they are making jobs dissapear in the United States, which brought wage pressure, which would supposedely, under Keneysian economics bring down inflation, how come we are experiencing the exact opposite? After all, Keynesian economics is the preferred story writing tool of the Fed.
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    The connection between wages and spending may be broken since people in the US are said to be spending based more on their ability to use credit than their earning power...
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    Ron Paul has no fking chance in hell. You all know that. So you'll stay home and not vote, and Hillary wins. Pathetic.
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  8. Last I checked, we're still approaching primary season, so we should certainly be promoting the candidate that best represents what we believe in. Only after the Republican candidate is chosen do we need to worry about making compromises to keep Billary out of office. :cool:

    P.S. Even if Ron Paul can't get the nomination, there's value in him getting a strong showing (which would be shocking to many) to send a message to the Republican establishment that they've strayed way too far from their small government principles.

    P.P.S. I have recently seen Ron Paul bumper stickers on cars of folks who I know have voted Democratic for quite some time. The breadth of Paul's appeal to those who are fed up with the establishment on both sides may be shocking.
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  9. Drug prohibition, and its 400,000 political prisoners.

    The U.S. government was created to serve us, not rule over us.
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  10. In theory, and so the magna carta was supposed to at the very least, define the extent of power, and the basic rights of the plebs in england.

    It didnt, but thats beside the point-at least yanks are, if you want to put it this way, starting from a definable point.

    So, Ron "never saw" an instance where an abortion was necessary to save the life of a mother, in 4000 deliveries?

    I smell a rat, a BIG one.

    Regardless of his claim, how many mothers RAN for it after establishing this guys RTL credentials-ooh, and this also brings up the retarded/eugenics debate, too.

    How's he feel about home/water births?

    How fun!!

    I love that, "if" a fairtax bill were at issue, he'd vote for it.
    a mighty big if.
    And a mighty big, exploitable rat.
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