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  2. tyler19


    Ron Paul does support The Fairtax, just so everyone knows.
    Only because its a better alternative to what we have now.
    He would rather End the income tax and replace it with nothing.
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  3. just21


    On the Jay Leno video above he says he prefers a flat tax of 0%!
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  4. Let's say longshot Ron Paul is elected president. Even if you regard him as a radical (considering the present context) you might concede that the damage he could do would be limited by the fact that he's only the president. The worst that could happen would be a stalemate between him and the Dem congress. Even if the Republicans regain control the majority would be opposed to his agenda.

    N.B.: He's not opposed to war; he's just opposed to 'policing'. If any entity posed a serious threat to America he'd do what had to be done.

    Give the poor guy a shot. Just for fun.
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  5. This would totally fuck up my plan of living off my Roth IRA.

    2 more years and I can buy and spend all I want and not pay anything but sales tax.

    Doesn't this penalize those of us that have taken responsibility for ourselves and planned out our lives this way?

    Or is there some way to alleviate this tax burden that I've planned on avoiding by way of rebates or some similar device that I'm unaware of?
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    Being responsible has never really paid off.... but some consideration should be paid to your situation.. but then again the Democrats have enacted many taxes that were retroactive... so much for planning and responsibility with these politicians as part of the picture...
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    I don't see how supporting a Trillion Dollar a year war could be good for our country. And when you consider where we are getting the money (China). Plus the cost of about 1000 American lives each year. To me is more of a threat to our national security than Iraq and Iran.

    Ron Paul is the only Rep. that opposes the war. Along with Mike Gravel, Dennis K., and Dodd on the Dem. side. All of which are long shots.
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  8. HELLOOOOOOOOO... where you been? they have been trying to bury him with every trick in the old oligarch handbook. each time it backfires. he raised 5 million last qtr... tomorrow Nov 5th will be big. the media will take notice. they are scared to death of this man and his followers.

    wake up people... this is a once in a lifetime event. history is being made.
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  9. i think you get your facts from Fox. he has never said zero taxes... just zero income taxes because they are not constitutional. think for yourself... dont let the mainstream media brainwash you your whole life.
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  10. the same people that said it would be a cakewalk and oil would pay for it and they would greet us as liberators are the same people scaring you about the pullout. bottomline, they want us out. our military that is actually over there serving wants us out.... the only ones that want us in are the neocon chickenhawks and those that benefit financially from blood money.
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