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  1. Ron Paul is a Libertarian. I always thought Bill Maher was a Libertarian too. Ron Paul was on the last Bill Maher show. Bill Maher's questioning and subsequent commentary made Ron Paul look real bad. I wonder, why did Bill Maher choose to give Ron Paul a hard time? I know Bill Maher is pro legalization of drugs, and Ron Paul seems to support decriminilazation of marajuana. I was surprised Bill Maher wasn't a supporter of Ron Paul. Did anyone else see this?
  2. I saw it and agree Maher had him(Paul) looking like a goof.
  3. Other than favoring legalized drugs and privatized Social Security is there any libertarian issue Maher supports?

    He favors public spending for education, he's wishy-washy on second amendment rights and he thinks American aid overseas is a great idea.

    Instead of supporting Libertarian candidate Browne in 2000 he backed Ralph Nader.

    Being a libertarian is about more than just smoking doobs and wanking to Hustler.......
  4. Maher confuses me sometimes.. he seems to softball plenty of his non panel guests, including Benjamin Netanyahu, but he shredded Ron Paul on the Civil War. Ron Paul has a lot of positive ideas for America. I was surprised Maher chose to make him look like an asshole..
  5. How else can you treat a person who seriously suggests to disband the CIA and privatize the FAA?
  6. one step forward and two steps backwards for you.

    just watched the clip and bill looked so metro when he sneered and clung to his PC stances. Ron Paul was excellent as always:
  7. Cesko


    How can anybody think a Hollywood asshole (funny though) is a Libertarian?
    Supporting Ralph Nader? That's more like it. Why is Ron Paul so stupid to even appear on show like that?
  8. I didn't say he was a goof, but Maher had him looking like one with baited questions. Most of Pauls ideas are plausible, but some are a little to far out to realistically accept. He has zero chance of being elected, but I like him none the less.
  9. i didnt see that at all. infact ron rebutted maher on every single point.
  10. So Mahrer showed everyone the man behind the curtain...

    This should surprise anyone?

    D.L. Hughley was funny with his response to Paul's idea of not supporting the Civil War...
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