ron paul , Obama both 33 degree Mason

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  1. highest ranking free mason is prince charles. THe game may be over now. It is important people at least know the truth
  2. Being able to write a complete sentence is even more important.

    I'm not a fan of the Masons, but if you think Ron Paul (or many of the founding fathers) were part of some global conspiracy, you're completely out to lunch.

    And who knows if either Obama or Ron Paul are Masons (high-level or otherwise) anyway. It seems like anyone who went to an Ivy League school or joined a fraternity gets this accusation.
  3. Everything you do is controled by Solomon freemasons. The vatican, Knights of Malta. The Ama, The educational system. It is important for people to know the truth and yes think for themselves. George Bush senior, is a 44 degree mason.
  4. I hear Lady Gaga is a 214th degree Mason as well..
  5. highest ranking are george bush senior, prince charles