Ron Paul - November 5th.

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  1. I watched "This Week" this morning and his name was never mention even by George Will. So how is he going to get elected without any air time?
  2. I never gave money to any politician but I definately will to this guy. It think most of the guys on ET ought to give to this guy as well considering how much support he has on this site. How many times have you done something totally stupid in trading and lost thousands of dollars? Well how bout giving a mere 100 bucks to the only guy in Washington that takes the Constitution seriously.
  3. The goal is not to get elected. And the fact that no one in the mainstream media will mention his name is THE BIGGEST COMPLIMENT THEY CAN GIVE HIM BECAUSE THOSE PEONS DON'T KNOW SHIT.

    The goal is to start a revolution for small government, fiscal responsibility, and social liberty.
  4. The radio and TV ad campaign just started this week, so expect to see a jump in the polls soon.
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    This will be the very first time I have ever donated politically. If there is any hope for america-then Ron Paul is it!
  6. UMMMMMMMM. I my experience fiscal responsibility and social liberty very rarely get along. All Ron represents is the Libertarian Party mantra under a Republican banner. Nothing new at all.
  7. He wants to eliminate the Fed

    Tell me - besides him - who has the balls to do that?
  8. Anybody who has a personal death wish. Show me a president that wants to close the IRS and the FED and I'll show you a guy who won't make it through the first year of his presidency without an assassination attempt.

    I really like Ron Paul. I wish he really stood a chance, but the guy would get killed by Clinton. I watched the GOP debate last night and the poll had him leading with 36% of the vote. Unfortunately that is because his support isn't being split between several candidates.

    When it comes down to it in the end, it will be a race between Giulliani, Romney, McCain, and Thompson. IMO, McCain will severely lag the other 3 and Thompson's hype will fail him. Romney will likely pull ahead very early after Iowa and make it seem like his nomination is a given. Shortly thereafter Giulliani will make a strong move and probably end up winning, soley on the grounds that he is most liekly to beat Clinton.

    All the while the Ron Paul supporters will be scratching their heads because these polls have been so overwhelmingly in favor of Paul.

    His message isn't anything new for Libertarians. He simply gets a lot of press now because America is almost to the point where someone like him is needed. But rest assured, when we really are to that point, there will be Ron Paul equivalents as front runners in both parties.
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