Ron Paul nailed it on all key economic problems

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  3. its not about right or wrong and if your starting from point A his plan makes sense. if you live in a world were you can stand on the sidelines and bad things won't happen to you his ideas make sense. i like his honesty but there would be a lot of pain and uprisings if he was president. this is coming from someone who respects his point of view.
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    and even worse events without the needed immediate changes - real solid kick in the ass changes are needed and right away.

    Ron Paul 2012! Bring it on and piss in the face of the establishment!
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    Spot on

    I like Paul, Small gov't , follow constitution, get rid of fed, stop spending money we don't have. All sounds great but in reality there would be so much hell to pay to get to this point that realistically it will have to happen from a collapse rather than electing someone to get down to the deep cutting. Nobody likes a truth that hurts.
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    I agree. There are certain things I support his views on such as disbanding the IRS but the government would simply find another way of raising revenue should that ever happen. The FED isn't going anywhere. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't a civilized country on the planet that doesn't have a central bank.

    And what exactly does he propose to do with Social Security and Medicare? He said he didn't accept Medicare/Medicaid as a Physician so does that mean he will pull the plug on both of these programs? There would be a tremendous upheaval if either of those programs are erased. How exactly are seniors supposed to get health insurance?

    And then there's Congress. Whatever RP wants to do would have to be supported by Congress. The President has only so much power. It sure would be interesting if he got elected, however.

  7. What?!?! Spend money the country doesn't have?? As long as the country can issue currency, it can have all the money it wants.
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    is your middle name zimbabwe?
  9. There is a LOT of pain coming, period.

    Some pains will be less than others. Some pains will turn catastrophic if not addressed. (We're not addressing ANYTHING right now... just embracing more "borrow and spend".)

    Pains taken sooner will have less downside than taken later.

    There are no "pain free" or "low pain" solutions...
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    the low pain solution is to kick the can down the road during the period that u wish to remain in office. there is an eventual tipping point and catastrophe ensues.
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