Ron Paul Lays an Egg

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Well the substance is questionable, especially the trading discussion. I came to this sight for the trading talk..I have stayed for the flame wars, rants and conspiracy theories....
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    can't be any worse than the Talmud
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  4. you can't do that. don't bring that up... that's not allowed. only the muslims are to be hated. they are the evil ones. if you refuse to submit to our mindset we will be forced to take you out. you are either with us or you are al qaeda.

    you will look at their evil head quarters and know that this is not fiction. ignore the tim russert/meet the press where they discussed this tora bora bunker that was never found. IT EXISTED BECAUSE WE SAID IT DID !!! do you understand me?

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  5. with 394 sampled older republicans with landlines only.... they think "the internets" are a "series of tubes." gannett isnt exactly to be trusted.. they are part of the propaganda war machine that were complicit with the whole fake wmd's scam. how many innocents had their limbs blown off because of their complicity? yeah.. those 394 are to be trusted. personally, i think they just out and out lied about the poll results. filthbags do that kind of thing.
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  6. i can see tigger watching this back in 2002 shivering... all scared. "save me bushhhhhhh and all you hunky neocons. i am all skeeeeeered." LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    this is getting too easy exposing their stupidity. personally i know tigger actually knows the truth. he is just scared of the outcome when the rest of you all wake up.

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  7. Not necessarily, you can also be with ostriches and that's the option that describes you best.


    Oh, and btw
    they just tend to murder innocent people when they disagree with their or their countries' [legal and legitimate] foreign policies. 7th century menatality if you know what I mean. Don't bother trying to please them either, they will always find ways to blame their problems on someone else and use it as an excuse to keep murdering innocent civilians all over the world. And there will always be ostriches (see the image above and read Ron Paul's views on foreign policy) who will blame the west, not the murderers for not doing enough to placate these murderers.
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  8. yeah.. Baruch Goldstein is a hero and is part of the religion of peace.

    come on... we can do this all day. that is the plan.. divide and conquer. don't fall for it... be an american first and stop supporting the propaganda machine.

    let's stay on topic of how Ron paul is on the upswing and John "amnesty cfr warmonger" McCain's campaign just imploded today. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

    I AM STILL LAFFING AT THAT ONE. his stupid advisor in iowa bans ron paul saying he isnt a legitimate candidate... and then his own guy implodes and cant even pay him off anymore( then they get 600 attendees for 7 candidates.... and ron paul brings in 1000.

    i love it.... and the little et neocons like tigger and doodoo come on here and vent on muslims. folks... this is rich... it just doesn't get any better.

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  9. Just heard on CNBC that Ron Paul raised more money than McCain last quarter.
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  10. paging dddooo at the AIPAC..
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