Ron Paul kicks ass on Face the Nation 20/11/2011

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wallet, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Hopefully the interview will end up on Youtube, Bob Schieffer tried to paint Paul in a negative light as a 9-11 conspiracy nut and more. Paul throws it back on Schieffer causing him to snap at Paul.

    Paul kicks ass as CBS finally admits he's a front runner in the GOP.

    Get ready Mr. Paul the MSM smear squad is heading your direction.
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    Max E.

    Is this it?

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    That's it, thanks for the link
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    Schieffer's true liberal colors are really starting to show this election season, he gets visibly upset whenever he interviews someone on the right, he completely jumped the shark when he blew a gasket on herman cain over that goofy ad with the guy smoking in it.

    The liberal media's true colors are really starting to show this election season when they all get visibly upset any time they have to have a right winger on their shows, i think they are incredibly frustrated by the fact that it only took them 2 years to blow through all the good will they got because of that piece of shit Bush.
    In their minds i think they really had this idea that finally their day had arrived, and it was going to be a multi decade shift towards full blown communism.

  6. Paul is 100 % current.Americas foreign policy has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east is it that hard to understand that makes people in the middle east want to attack America :confused:
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    Schieffer's a shill, when the interview started going south on him, CBS pulls the plug. They'll take bits and pieces of the interview now and try to post them in an attempt to disenfranchise Paul. I'll be surprised if we don't see an all out attempt by the MSM and Republican Party to smear Paul over the next few weeks leading into Iowa.
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    I'm not a Ron Paul fan but Bob Schieffer no longer feels his job is to be a journalist. He feels it is his duty to frame the questions such as to paint his viewpoint rather than to allow those he is interviewing to express their viewpoint.
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    Pay attention to the debates,if and when they do ask him a question, the tone and questions are phrased negatively.
  10. I think the republicans should fear Ron Paul running as an independent.
    He will absorb enough of a percentage to guarantee Obama's reelection.
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