Ron Paul isnt qualified to hold office...

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  1. Ron Paul's ideas sound good and he seems like a good speaker, but lets face it. He has never held a position managing people and departments. Rick Perry has been in charge of the state of Texas, the 15th largest economic power in the world, for 12 years and so I feel he has at least an idea on how to manage things. Romney ran a company for 20 years and was the governor of Mass for 4 years so he has that experience as well. However, Paul's experience was as a Congressman and so while he may have some good ideas its anyone's guess if he can manage anything well.

    I would like to see Paul given a position at the Cabinet level in government so he can cut his teeth so to speak. Right now he is just a speechmaker in my eyes who seems to captivate a big crowd, but can he manage millions of workers and hundreds of governmental departments? Its a big job and I wouldnt want to see someone who has never done anything like that before trying it out for the first time with the Presidency...
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    He's a medical doctor. The most difficult profession on Earth imho.

    Compare that to Obama the "community organizer".

    Y'know, nobody has ever explained to me what a community organizer is or why that prepares somebody to be President.
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    Well now you know. :D
  4. From the idiot who says he will vote for Obama over Paul :confused:
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    I really think he needs a couple molly-screws there. :D
  6. 1- has ron paul had his birth certificate checked?
    2- can you trust anyone with two first names?
    3-if elected would President Paul be called PP for short:p

  7. I thought being a CO made you a big bad Al Quada killing machine and that Ron Paul was a nut :confused: :confused: e pad&pagenumber=7

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    lol, well he ain't Kenyan that is for sure. :)
  9. He is well educated and a medical doctor, but that doesnt mean he can manage multiple departments of people. Look at how well Obama is doing it...he isnt doing it well and things seem to be falling apart at every level.

    Like I said, I think Ron Paul should be a governor or a cabinet level position for a bit of time before running for President. He might do well without that experience, but I would feel more comfortable if he did have that experience.

    Some have suggested Chris Christy running for President, but I would feel more comfortable if Christy had another 4 years as Governor to get his teeth cut more.

    Bush, Clinton and Reagan were all ex-Governors and they seemed to manage things well enough at least for a time. Many of the Presidents were either former governors or military officers.
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    well reasoned, I agree -- but paul is too old to get that experience now.
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