Ron Paul is ready to throw in the towel?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by turkeyneck, Mar 7, 2008.

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    We had a good run.

    And the more importantly - we got the message out.

    Now, millions more Americans know about the Federal Reserve scam.

    The War for Profit scam.

    The Drug War scam.

    The planned North American Union.

    And above all - the importance of liberty and personal accountability.

    This Movement isn't over.

    This is just the Awakening.
  2. yes.. thank God the republicans had the wisdom to pick John McCain. he will save us when the shit hits the fan.. he is brilliant. [/sarcasm off]
  3. hughb


    So ............ whatever happened with those record amounts of dollars you guys gave him? Any followup on those AOL polls showing him winning in a landslide?
  4. well.. rudy, the media's favorite and the national front runner, spent 50 million per delegate. mitt blew how much of his own money? fred thompson made a fool out of himself.

    what were their messages again?

    the republicans nominate a liberal democrat.... and i guess you are giddy?
  5. Ron Paul did a great thing by running. No one really expected him to do as well as he did. I am not sorry I contributed to his campaign but it is probably time for him take a step back. Glad he won his House seat back so convincingly.
  6. Hopefully people will come around if he keeps the message alive. Once people get their fill of the Billary/Obama socialism then maybe they will be ready to vote for Paul. I figure by then we'll be so screwed there will not be any welfare left for the gummint to give out, so the masses will turn on the hands that have been feeding them and vote for someone to fix the economy so that they and their children may one day hope to renew the welfare fountain once again.
  7. Not sure if ayone listens to A Perfect Circle, but they have this song on eMotive called "gimme, gimme, gimme". It perfectly describes the average American citizen's mindset.

    It's one of those songs that is more like artwork than music (as you might expect from James Maynard Keenan), as it doesn't really flow and in fact, it grates on your nerves....Not a pleasant song to listen to....but that is the point. It will piss you off.
  8. Ron Paul and his political message made a difference. Hopefully people will run for office to continue his effort.
  9. My awareness of Ron Paul has forever changed the way I view politics and government. It also gives me great hope that an intelligent and honest candidate actually does have a shot in politics competing against more traditional politicians who are nothing more than manufactured liars and smooth talkers.
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