Ron Paul Is Dead! (not really)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Or so it would seem these past few weeks in particular. Little to no mention in the MSM - you'd think the guy just disappeared.
  2. Not funny
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    He's resting on his laurels. :)
  4. Paul did better then Newt last night
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    The mass media absolutely does not want Ron Paul to win. Faux News and other neocon media hate him because he doesn't like war. The rest of the media hate him because he wants to strictly uphold the Constitution, meaning cutting about 60% of what the federal government is doing. The big dirty secret of the past 100 years is that America has bit by bit, ignored one part of the constitution after another until now it's just a piece of parchment to take out on July 4 to show the kids.
  6. Is it true that Ron Paul loves gold so much that he named his only begotten son in Congress, Rand Paul, after the gold mining company Randgold Resources, symbol GOLD?
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    It must be quite a shock for you to realize how fringe you are.
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