Ron Paul Interview on Use of Force & Obamacare

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  1. Following is a link to a page that has an audio recording of an interview with congressman Dr. Ron Paul (M.D.) speaking on the health care bill, the use of force, and loss of personal privacy. Check out the bottom of the page (# 133) just click on the arrow to start listening - it can also be downloaded & saved :
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    Ron paul is an idiot and charlatan.He has a real dark side that he hides.He beleives in conspiracies and other nonsense.What libertarian doesnt?

    He wrote a newsletter or something like that with repeated claims filled with racist rants against black people.When confronted with this information he always stumbles and pretends he doesnt know about it or how it manifested itself.

    Well,im sure a lot of the high school dropouts/gop fans on et love him.
  4. The usual empty attacks - - - no specific references to anything in particular and no refuting any of it with evidence. - - Totally worthless statements. (And you did throw in the 'racism' weapon - - total horseshit, and a lame old tactic.) Your 'source' is undoubtedly the political hit pieces that came out during a past campaign by an opponent (articles with no bylines - written in a completely different style than Paul's. He's written enough books; think they would have gotten it right). Both the neo-cons on the right, and the hardcore leftists - - who both are for government expansion, which they benefit from - - are threatened by Paul's smaller government w/ less interference in peoples lives message.

    To those that can actually think - - - just take the time to listen to the audio for yourself and then investigate deeply for yourself. (Your b.s. meter should be activated when someone makes claims without any evidence.) Does what is said in the interview make sense to you ? Is it worth looking into ? Do you believe what others in govt have been telling you all these years ? - - What Paul says in the interview is pretty damning - - and there are those who don't like him pointing these things out one bit. They never address the specifics though - - such as healthcare costs, loss of privacy, use of force against the citizenry, etc.

    I do appreciate the bump though. So he does have some usefulness - hopefully he'll do so again. - - - If just a few more people hear this interview, and it has an impact on their outlook and thinking - - its well worth it. - -
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    Empty attack?why are repubs such illiterate morons?if you can read,read this
  7. Countless liberals on this website have supported Ron Paul and his ideas. Maybe you should stop watching Lord of the Rings and make an attempt to jump out of your good versus evil mindset. You're too old to be acting like a juvenile.
  8. yeah more trash talk - - the neo-con New Republic hates Ron Pauls message too and ran their own hit piece on him. Both the hard left and hard right want expanded govt and Ron Pauls message is a threat to them. At least the neo cons were decent enough to say that the 'articles' attributed to Paul were written in a different style and likely part of a smear campaign. After that admission, they went on to try and slime him with more distortions. Both these sides fear Ron Pauls smaller govt and less interference in peoples lives message.

    So, you know how it is guys - - - don't believe everything you read. Listen to the audio and do a head and gut check for yourselves. What does that seem to tell you about the man as you listen to the audio ? - - -

    P.S. - - I'm not going to bother posting the link to the slime piece from New Republic. You can search that for yourself easily. - - These big govt collectivist types are damned scared of the Ron Paul message, of course. "Smaller govt, less interference in our lives, protection of personal liberty, protection of privacy, less taxes, govt power at the state & local levels rather than in a federal govt that doesnt listen and is out of control "
  9. I think you make a terrific point. There are a lot of us out there that are just tired of all the labels. Libs, conservatives, independents, or whatever - - - it doesn't really matter. I think a lot of us are tired of what both parties have been doing over the years and appreciate the message that Ron Paul has been saying - for quite awhile. (Long ago, when I had a different political philosophy, I didnt want to hear that message either. I discounted the guy, and I was completely wrong. ) - - Regards, -
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