Ron Paul: If Iran nukes Israel, as president I would do nothing.

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  1. The most-ignored presidential candidate of the Republican field took a lot of heat from Middle East hawks for implying during the recent GOP debate that the threat from Iran was grossly exaggerated. Today on Fox News, he doubled down on that position.

    KELLY: If you were President Paul and it turned out you were wrong — that it turned out that Iran did have the bomb and it attacked Israel – would you step in?

    PAUL: No. I’d let Israel take care of ‘em. Why should we interfere with Israel?

    The stance on retaliating on Israel’s behalf sets Paul even farther afield from his fellow GOP candidates, such as Herman Cain, who vowed to attack Iran if it “mess(ed) with Israel.”

    On Fox today, Paul reiterated his historical point — lost on Rick Santorum during the debate — that Iran “had a pretty good democracy going in ’53 and we kicked it out — our CIA kicked it out for oil and put in the Shah, and he was a ruthless dictator.” Paul asked indignantly: “And you wonder why there’s blowback?”

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    Is this acceptable to you, would you vote for Ron Paul or Herman Cain?
  2. BSAM


    (Clearing throat and raising one eyebrow...)

    Hmmm...Your thread title implies one thing / your post implies another. Conclusion: You are not a Ron Paul supporter.
  3. jem


    you know what... that makes perfect sense.
    The threat of destruction should come from Israel.
    They have nukes. They get billions of our money to spend on their military.

    They have to let Iran know that the retaliation would be so swift that there would be nothing left for the Mahdi. (Or whatever the name of the end times islamic messiah / anti christ he expects is.)

    Far better strategy... than saying we would protect them. would we really nuke or flaten Iran if they nuked Isreal? Would we kill more civilians. None of us like what is going on in Iraq or afghanistan right now.

    Ron Paul is now in the lead for my vote.
  4. Ron Paul has my vote.It is not the US's job to defend any other nation
  5. And who said Blacks and Jews don't get along LOL !!!!
  6. BSAM


    Good points. Also, if it weren't for the US, Israel would probably already done what should have already been done. Iran should thank us for protecting them!
  7. Saddam kept Iran in check.Saddam would have never let Iran build nukes and the worse that would have happened would have been those 2 assholes fighting a conventional war .Now we have a problem that could in fact turn into nuclear war.Thanks Bush
  8. jem


    We could have been out of Irag and Afghanistan years ago stated by the democrats in 2006 elections and by Obama in 2008.

    Thanks Obama Reid and Pelosi.
  9. pspr


    Ron Paul thinks we live in a much bigger world than we do. He's not rational.
  10. Lucrum


    Reality is a bitch isn't liberals?
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