Ron Paul Humiliates Ben Bernanke so bad that CNBC had to cut him off.

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  1. Right after Ron Paul took a leak on Ben Bernanke by calling inflation a tax and Ben Bernanke the biggest taxer in the country - CNBC cut Ron Paul off, LMAO.

    Towards the end Ron Paul left Ben Bernanke speechless.
  2. CNBC is full of blatant censorship of important issues. That said, I caught the whole thing on bloomberg. I can't watch CNBC without getting frustrated by their self interest. Ron Paul said exactly what I believe. I hope his message gets out to the masses sooner than later.
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    yeah, i did notice. i thought if this was on purpose or just "accident"

    anyway, since I'm not from US, why not anyone blame at first those people how took mortgages that can not afford?
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    They merely saved Paul from himself- his Libertarian message may resonate with many, but he's not the best spokesman for this cause. Trust me, the sooner the Libertarians find a better spokesman, the sooner that movement will get traction. Ron Paul is getting close to teetering on the "silly old man" edge...and I do agree with much of what he's saying.
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  6. ass soon as cnbc cut him off, i switched to bloomberg. i hate cnbc but their presentation is much better than bloomberg. im just glad i don't have to watch either for trading purposes.
  7. CN-BS is the "media arm" of The Powers. They are co-conspirators and duplicitous in the Great American Lie and Theft"... They have a self-serving agenda and are willing to say ANYTHING!
  8. It's ALL Bernanke's fault right?

    I mean, he's the one that has been running HUGE Federal Budget Deficits which has lead to a 50% decline in the dollar over the last 7 years, he's the one that failed to enact a comprehensive Energy Policy for the country, he's the one that allowed regulators to be "asleep at the wheel" when it came to ratings agencies and mortgage generation, not too mention the use of leverage in the system ( 33:1 for mortgage positions ), and he's the one that kept rates at dramatically low levels for years ( Alan Greenspan ).

    The time to avert moral hazard was a long time ago. Unfortunately, we have had very little "leadership" in Washington the past 7 years for the good of the people.

    Yeah..... it's ALL Ben's fault.
  9. inflation is the dilution of the currency. in other words a wage cut.

  10. Anyone have a video clip of this?
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