Ron Paul For President----write In Your Vote

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  1. Palin is very much in the Buchanan/Paul mode of libertarian. My vote would have been 100% anti-Obama but now it's 50% nobama and 50% Palin.

    "The governor, who sported a Pat Buchanan pin at a 1999 rally for the renegade Republican presidential candidate (Pat says: "She's a great choice for the base ... She's a Buchananite"), described the anti-war, libertarian-leaning congressman from Texas as "cool."

    "He's a good guy," she said of Paul. "He's so independent. He's independent of the party machine. I'm like, ‘Right on, so am I.'"

    Paul supporters were delighted. In fact, they even began promoting Palin as a possible veep choice for the Texas congressman."
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  2. purple


    I will be writing in a vote for Ron Paul. He is the best American for the job since neither of the other candidates has a clue what to do now. As cozy as the Republicans and Democrats are with the Fed, They need to go. Printing our money at will ,will be the end of our economy.

    Writing in your vote for Paul may not make since to some but if you are going to like me, Thanks everyone who does.
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  3. I agree.

    Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and the administration that appointed them as well as everyone congressman and congresswoman that supports the confiscatory bailout plan are traitors to this country.

    We are Rome in decline - and the American People are sheep observing their own slaughter and demise.
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    Obama, who wants............but how?
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  5. loik


    the American People want it and vote for it!
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  6. While I'm thinking, "That's a TOTAL, DUMBFUCK, ARROGANT, HEAD-UP-YOUR-ASS comment", I'll be more PC and just say, your comment is naive and ill-informed.

    You're thinking, "Well, you voted for it [leaders], therefore it must be what you want".

    We Americans, like most other people, are sheep. We go where we're lead without questioning the leaders... including when we're being lead to the slaughter pens.
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    ... and another thing, why are all the voter polls always so effing close, so often? It seems odd that the percentile differences do not really fluctuate that much over the half mark. Look I'm no expert, does it seem odd to anyone else?
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  8. The reason the polls are so close is because the REAL differences between parties is tiny.

    Wouldn't go so quite so far as to say elections in the US are a sham... but they lack substance...

    Like in the classic South Park episode... "Elections always come down to a choice between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich".... which is no choice at all.
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    Those that voted for Nader in the 2000 election, because they wanted strong government action to protect the environment, actually did harm to their own cause by handing the election to George Bush. (In that election the Nader vote was the difference that caused it to go to the Supreme court. The polls indicated that most of those Nader votes would have otherwise gone to Gore. Gore won both the popular vote and would have won the electoral college vote too, as was later learned once the incredibly slow -- thank you Kathryn Harris-- recount was completed. But the Nader vote, together with the Harris assist, prevented Gore from having a clear victory before January, thus putting the outcome into the hands of the Supreme Court, who in their infinite wisdom decided that it was more important to inaugurate by the specified date than it was to have the correct result.)

    Although present poles are unclear which of the leading candidates would benefit the most from 3rd party candidate votes, if at all, if you have any preference for McCain or Obama, you will be making a mistake to vote for a third party candidate. Only If it makes no difference to you who wins should you even consider voting for another candidate. No third party candidate has any chance of winning, and the polls currently indicate that the third party vote will be so small as to not even make an effective statement.
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  10. My entire family on both sides will be writing in Ron Paul for our next president, as will most of my friends (my parents, my wifes parents, etc).....we are totally with you! :)

    No con the sheep "right/left paradigm" blood will be on my hands from the next election!!!
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