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  2. He will get my vote. I agree with most of his economic ideas. But....

    Fixing things to fast can be as bad as to destroy them.

    He is too fixated into his philosophy of "free" economics where there is not room for any type of welfare, social programs, education, healthcare, just "market".

    We have yet to see whose pocket he is in. Let see if he wins.
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    I somewhat disagree with you - when you have cancer do you want to fix it right away or slow over time?

    Fix it all and fast is my vote - and capital will come rushing into this country.
  4. You said it yourself....."want". Wanting is not the same as able or proper procedure. Chemotherapies take a while and even surgery takes time during, before and after the OR.

    By the capital coming anyways.
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    The problem is our faulty monetary system and unfortunately Ron Paul is not educated on these matters. A gold standard won't fix anything. For example, they say a gold standard would prevent inflation, but the ratio of dollars to gold can be arbitrarily changed at anytime at the whims of the government. Furthermore even if the ratio is permanently fixed, the money supply would be fixed and would not be able to support a growing population.
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    The capital will come in relation to the speed and reality of the change - the faster the better imo.
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    Ron Paul talks about a "backed" currency but not all in Gold.
  8. The only reason to "back" our paper money with gold (or any hard asset) is so that our currency will be accepted with faith that it's good.

    Currency doesn't need to be backed by anything... other than the taxing authority of the government. If governments didn't run deficits, paper money would be "good as gold".

    Years ago I heard Milton Friedman say, "... abolish the Fed... and replace it with a computer which increases the money supply at the same rate as the population... about 2%/yr... then let capitalism be capitalism".

    Correct then... best policy for all of us now.

    If you judge Odumbo's policies/actions along with the Fed's by Friedman's recommendation... you might conclude that Odumbo and the Fed ARE TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA!!
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    One idea I liked a lot is the nationalizing of the banking system. For example, the largest banks (Fed, member banks, etc) would be set apart for the public good. They would still lend money and money would still be created via debt, however, the interest earned by the banks would go towards the public good - the building of roads, supporting schools, etc. The interest spent into the economy would be debt-free money not tied to any loan.
  10. For those of you not in the loop, Ron Paul's single biggest supporter and organizer of his "grass roots" campaign is the church of Scientology.

    Living in Florida I have a lot of Sino friends. Most are very well off, a great many have started very successful businesses, and overall they're really good people. You just have to remember that at the end of the day they believe in shit so crazy they make Jehovah Witnesses look normal.
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