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  1. The man was on CNBC this am and Liesman was out to get him. I remember hearing him saying that Ron Paul economics left a lot to be desired.
    So who is right ? Are Ron Paul idea's realistic ?

    btw during the interview, while bashing fractional reserve lending, he said when you lend $100 to a bank they have $190 to use. That's not how I understand fractional reserve lending .
  2. Me either.
  3. leisman nailed him. paul said we should abolish deposit insurance and regulations and let the private market handle it. leisman asked him if he remember the bank runs in the 30s. pauls said private companies should furnish deposit insurance. hello,earth to ron paul. didnt we just go through a crash where private insurers could not make goood on their promises.
  4. LIES-man is a total POS dweeb... you shouldn't listen to him... he's in the pocket of the Libtards... no truth required.

    "Ron Paul philosophy" is our only possible salvation... we're not likely to see it, so "bend over and grease up, America".. :mad: :mad:
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    Of course - because one smart idealistic (medical) doctor is the obvious messiah with all the answers to the complex problems of modern economics [*].

    [*] I almost forgot that he also read a bunch of fringe economics from those silly Austrians

    Same populist bullshit, slightly different flavor.

  6. You have outed yourself as a FOOL, IDIOT, MORON. On ignore!!
  7. A little bit of Ron Paul's wisdom would go a long way toward solving our economic woes.

    Too bad that promoting wealth creating work, fiscal responsibility , and capitalism doesn't literally buy many votes like the norm in govt.
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    I see - anyone who disagrees with you or your personal savior is a fool, an idiot, and a moron. Good to see the high level of discourse here.

  9. Yeah, like those silly Austrians led us right down this path which you lament.

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    That's not exactly a logical statement is it? Just because whatever system that led us here (not that there's a single system that led us here; rather a combination of a somewhat different and contradictory systems) didn't work doesn't mean that another system - the austrians - has the answer.

    I posit that much like the communists found out soon after the Russian Revolution that implementing all of their economic experiment led to the immediate ruin of the Russian economy (GDP dropped something like 50% EVEN WITH foreign support), if Ron Paul ever gain enough power to try out his Austrian school, we'd be in a similar situation.

    Misguided Idealists - I fear them more than I fear the terrorists.

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