Ron Paul-does he have a chance?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pma, Jan 5, 2008.

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    Dont get me wrong,I am voting for him.But I am sick and tired of the whole "he will not win-why waste your vote?" BS!
    Even my wife tells me this crap! I guess most people will only vote for whomever they think is popular then?
  2. to vote for anyone else is a waste of your vote. all the other candidates are CFR. this is not said lightly... CFR CFR CFR CFR... what part of that do people not understand? this is a criminal organization that hates our guts. they are the true terrorist and have done more harm to this nation than any other entity that exist on this earth. they truly are the real "al qaeda."
  3. Whats "CFR"?

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  5. Prepare for disappointment then. He has no fricken chance.
  6. disappointment = any CFR candidate winning
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    No, he hasn't got a chance in hell. Doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for him, though, if he's the one you believe in.

  8. the only vote wasted is the one that is cast for a mainstream media CFR candidate.
  9. Vote your conscience. Is that so hard for Americans to understand? You don't vote for who you think can win. What's the point in that.

    How many of you voted for Bush? I never did. Especially to those who voted for him in 2004 - shame on you. Have you so lost contact with the truth that you didn't see through his BS.

    I look at Clinton or Giuliani and all I see is future corruption.

    If anything, Ron Paul may make a bad President because he doesn't seem to know how to play their game. I like that.

    What I am looking for is someone to vote for when Ron Paul fails to get the nomination - which seems very likely. I would probably vote for him anyways if he runs Libertarian. Better a decent vote than one that puts yet another President in office who sells out America.
  10. he will not have a choice... the people will put him on the ballot as an independent in all fifty states when the time comes.
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