Ron Paul could have won this election.

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  1. If McCon and Dimwit Palin were not selected. I think he would have won this election, he would have had the balls to stand up against the bailout and his conservative fiscal policy would have won.

    Ron Paul and Perot as VP, that is what we need.
  2. I for one would have voted for him. Ron Paul is the only politician that strikes me as fearlessly honest, almost as if transposed from another time.
    His integrity is nothing short of indisputable.

    If Ron Paul were in the Game, I would vote absentee for him, 2 terms in advance (if that were possible) :)
    We'd have no corporate handouts, and no deficits. No IRS and no dept of education. a more reasonable foreign policy. Zero wasteful social programs and a rock sold currency.

    I'm voting Obama

    It's shame really.
  3. I'm voting for Obama,But if Paul were the Republican nominee,I'd vote for him
  4. Cracks me up when i hear of Ron Paul "supporters" voting for Obama. They have a -100 correlation.....

    And I don't want to burst your bubble but Palin was rumored to be Dr. Paul's pick if he'd run third party.......
  5. you underestimate people's anger at the GOP. It has very little to do with enthusiasm for the Dems.
    I wouldn't call Ron Paul as conservative, he's a libertarian. and it appeals a lot to people who think the Gov should stay out of our business. Completely out
    Still, his integrity is his main selling point, Character trumps everything.
  6. Paul is highly overrated.

    If he were such an independent thinker, he would separate himself from the spend and spend more Republicans and run for Congress as an independent.

    And, contrary to popular opinion here, he has brought some government goodies back home. Not as much as Don Young and Senator Byrd have, but in terms of government pork, he's not kosher.
  7. Please show me ANY link of the Republican budgets from 2001-2007 with more spending than the alternative budget plans proposed by the Democrat leadership.

    Here's a pretty intensive look at the 2008 process from last year.
  8. Why 2001 to 2007, when the Republicans were screaming and shrieking about pilotless drones, nukes, and bombs everywhere?

    Let's look at 2009, with Obama proposing less spending than McCain, getting rid of the $12 billion a month Iraq albatross, with Obama pledging (more or less) adherence to PAYGO rules.
  9. ron paul couldnt even win the primary.
  10. morreo


    He got my vote.
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