ron paul calls out the conservative hypocrites

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  1. at 2:50 he points out that those alleged fiscal conservatives in the GOP will vote to defund NPR and defend that vote on grounds of saving money while, at the very same time, they support spending hundreds of billions of dollars to be the world's policeman and project our military power in every country full of brown people we can find that won't do what we tell them to do.
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    When I saw that in the news the other day I LOL. It's about time they were cut off. They can stand or fade away on their own merits.
  3. Amen to that. We have a border that our military needs to be stationed on.

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    I often wonder why Homeland Security spends tons on so-called "domestic terrorists" while leaving our borders wide open. It makes no sense.
  5. It makes no sense if security is the issue.
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    It is impractical and worse to merely defend the country's land border. Our supply chains are thousands of miles long. Yes, we can cut back on policing, but the price of goods will rise as a result. I'm not picking a side on that, but I do know from my own business that the enforced border needs to be "farther out".
  7. He's right, we have nothing to gain by being there, other than control of the opium trade. They have no oil. If we had any sense we'd legalize opium and tax it., much like we did in most of America up until the 50s. Afghanistan would look like the Emirates within a decade, and a whole new industry would be born, creating millions of jobs.

    What we do have is an invasion of latin americans which are bleeding us dry and 30 million of them are currently here illegally have 30 million jobs which 30 million americans could really use right about now. This would also give working class wages a good shot in the arm. It would help the most poor Americans more than any other maneuver possible right now, yet for some reason the bleeding heart left isn't fond of that idea. If we put the military to work defending the border, then 1) we'd save billions 2) they could be home with their families while they serve and 3) we'd all but stop the border carnage inside of 2 weeks.

    Meanwhile we'd be busy creating 30 million jobs by kicking out 30 million illegals.
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    For example, the mandated 100% scanning of all seacans bound for the US at the port of departure is an expanded border initiative. This is why we have agents in many foreign ports, and will have more.
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    Hopefully the brain transplant procedure will be perfected in your lifetime.
  10. In that vein, and without delay, you may wish to replace yours with a potato, which I understand shows greater neurological activity.
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