Ron Paul breaks fundraising history!

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    Need I say more?
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    What good is all that fundraising going to do for a candidate who is not going to be elected?
  3. Sure, what record was broken?

    Democracy at its finest...........instead of bigwigs donating to their party, trickledown has reached the masses to back a given candidate.

    Although, the idea of giving money to someone who's job it is,
    to help collect, or distribute or spend monies on or by your behalf,
    to help them win that job seems to be a bit odd, at face value.
    :) Yay for politics.
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  5. It means he's a force to be reckoned with and will be around for a considerable amount of time. Remember he is only un-electable now. Major events, such as terrorism/recession, can change the political climate over night. It may not even take a major event: think of Nixon debating Kennedy and winning a decade later...
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    my problem with him is that while i like what he says,
    i believe that he is going too far. it is just impossible to
    head a system you are basically against. he'd either have
    to betray his voters or become part of what he is opposing.
    and the media will point at that at latest when he has
    become a serious contender.

    on the other hand. giuliani is almost as big a joke as
    george doublebush was. the americans .... calling this
    media masquerade is said to be democratic. that is crazy
    by itself. the best heads of a country spend more than a
    year on their personal career instead of fulfilling the job
    they got elected for. america, you are nuts.
  7. Interesting point. But if he truly fights to decrease government size, then he will never become part of it. In fact, he will become part of killing it.
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    He does'nt want to kill the government, he just wants to return them to what they are supposed to do.
  9. Google Tops Among Ron Paul Donors

    David A. Utter
    Monday December 17, 2007

    The Texas candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination has amassed plenty of donations for his campaign, with Google topping the list.

    Though $22,250 may not sound like a lot of money, among Ron Paul donors it's the top amount the candidate has received from one source.

    However, Google's place at the top of the list of campaign donors requires a caveat, one that the site lists next to the table of donors:

    The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organization's PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families.

    (Article continues below)

    Another technology company rated in the top five of Paul donors. After the US Army and the US Navy, Microsoft contributions added up to $12,863. Networking company Cisco had $8,900 listed too,

    Though the technology community, dominated by California's Silicon Valley, resides in a hotbed of Democratic voters and supporters, Paul's message has resonated with a few people. A site called the PaulCash Tracker shows his ongoing donations, excerpted from the official candidate site, totaling over $18 million since October 1st.
  10. My guess is this will go to his head as a "groundswell of support" and he'll pull a Ross Perot and run as an independent.
    His odds of winning the Republican nomination are slim to none. Even with all this money I think it is too late in the game for him.
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