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    Ron Paul's grassroots supporters have been pushing a campaign to get as many supporters as possible to donate $100 on Nov. 5th.

    So far, the campaign has received $3.1 million since Midnight EST. This could easily top largest one day donation this year for any candidate running for office. The donations are rolling in by the thousands every few minutes.

    Check out :
    for more details.
  2. Casey30


    He wants to eliminate the federal income tax?

    OK. Sounds Good.

    He wants to pull all our troops out of Iraq imediately?

    OK. Sounds Great.

    He wants to restore our constitutional rights as citizens of the United States of America?

    OK. Sounds Excellent.

    I hope this guy really keeps the momentum going. He has my vote and my money.
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    By the way I went to a fundraiser at his NYC HQ when he was in town about 3 weeks ago. It was amazing. He showed up around 10:15PM and gave a great speech. I think you can locate it on Youtube. There were so many young people, college age as well as professionals, artists, etc. I felt like I was at a rock concert, the energy was amazing. I wish all the candidates were as honest and straight talking as he is.

    If he doesn't get the nod for Republocans, I am hoping Bill Richardson of the Dems can move up somehow. He actually seems to be a decent candidate with some good ideas.
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    If you believe in this movement put your money where your mouth is. I donated my total winnings of trading today.

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    I donated 100$ at 12AM ! We need one final push to midnight.
  6. Ron Paul is a psuedo Noam Chomksky. I'm not buying into this at all, and so shouldn't you:


    "Ron Paul is a Christian Libertarian. He is running as a Republican,
    but in 1988 he ran as the Libertarian Party candidate.

    He is a rabid anti-abortionist, and headed the Christian wing of the
    Libertarian Party, "Libertarians for Life."

    His foreign policy is to blame everything on the U.S. government
    and to advocate what he calls "non-interventionism," but which
    seems to amount to pacifism. He calls 9/11 a "criminal act" (i.e.,
    something calling for "police work") and he says that radical Islam
    is *not* the cause. (He equivocates about the issue being "suicide
    bombers" but the clear meaning, in context, is the standard
    Libertarian line that the cause of our being under attack is the sins
    of our foreign policy, not radical Islam."
  7. I just made my first ever campaign contribution.

    Ron Paul is the only politician I've ever trusted.
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    His voting record says it all. He doesn't even need to speak.
  9. Casey30


    Excellent. I have donated today as well as my G/F donating. This is simply amazing to see. It will be interesting to see where this campaign is in a month, it is growing exponentially.
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