Ron Paul 2012

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    Ron Paul 2012 Restore America Now!!

    Bring Our Troops Home Now!!

    End Income Tax,
    End the IRS,
    End the Federal Reserve Act 1913

    President Andrew Jackson killed the bank of the United States in 1836.

    USA becomes debt free Nation!

    14 Trillion in Reserves where the interest goes to programs is better than DEBT of 14 Trillion in DEBT where the Federal Reserve must print more dollars to pay the interest to this debt.

    A video Every American should watch!
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    Ron Paul's answers from the debate last night. He seemed like the only adult on the stage.
  3. Republican primary: anybody BUT Ron Paul
    General election: anybody BUT Obama [​IMG]
  4. The GOP tried this shtick against Reagan and failed, so perhaps their idiocy will not contribute to the destruction of our nation... after-all.
  5. they had the top general on 60 minutes last weekend. he says we are will be at war a least until 2024:

    General John Allen said troops would stay in Afghanistan "indefinitely" when asked on 60 Minutes, past the 2014 deadline stated by President Obama. Are defense contractor profits the primary motive? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down from Occupy Wall Street in New York City


    Interesting, and very true.
    Alot of money to be made for defense contractors,
    and Oil Contractors like KBR, and Haliburton, and others.
  7. Last I heard, the top General takes orders from the Commander in Chief.