Ron Insana starts stock picking newsletter

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    I think I am safe in saying, get ready to fade those picks! Ron's a nice guy but never did have a clue. :D
  2. That's a given from that fade site.
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    I see this and think cue ball right corner pocket.

    I am not sure where he gets the experience for this. He never did get a track record for his hedge fund.
  5. Come on!!! Sure, he's no Len Dykstra, but who is?

    I'm wondering who Crames will get next? Bernie would be good. At least it would be interesting. Manufacturing your own statements, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Now that could go places.
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    Well, after lenny, the is making a name of not finding a real stock picker to pick stock.

    Insana. The guy who rather run a fund of funds than running the money himself, now want to pick stocks?

    Well, at least he is not picking a bull market to start this. So, he got a decent chance of just throwing darts and still will do well in 5 years.
  7. Trading real money, especially your own is hard.

    Putting out a tout sheet is approx 1/1000 th as hard.

    Do the math
  8. He should have just started a fund of fund of funds.
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    Insana became a big disappointment. He has been chasing the money as fast as he can and he always seems to show up after the bank has been robbed.

    Insana never had the genius to run a hedge fund but he tried anyway because that was where it was perceived that money was easy pickings. He failed.

    Insana went back to CNBC afterwards but CNBC is floundering as an attack on the quality of their programming is exploding.

    So now he goes to that can't seem to fight its way out of a paperbag. The stock can't seem to catch a break since that time a few years back when it suddenly exploded during that short window where Cramer and Rocker began selling shares. Even Cramer had to be paid a small fortune to keep working for the rag he started.
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