Ron Insana starting a hedge fund

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  2. i never watch cnbs is he still a regular? if so he'll leave cnbc for good i guess. i always like ron as he seemed very level headed and non hyping
  3. To be fair it is really a fund of funds. So once he has the capital raised he is not doing any of the trading....
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    He may as well have plastered his name on a new restaurant or on a new line of jeans. I wouldn't think an institution would give his organization funds to manage just cuz Ron got tired of show biz.
  5. I feel the fund of funds is a good idea but to call the person a hedge fund manager..... they are a glorified mutual fund but pick other hedge funds instead of stocks.

    Due diligence usually is just a review of returns and volatility and Sharpe ratios and a quick chat with the fund manager lol..
  6. Of all the people on CNBC, there are two or three that are competent and respectable. Ron Insana is definitely one of them.

    I wish him the best of luck, and hope he doesn't need it.
  7. of course the others being Pisani, Dillon RATagon, and the Money Honey
  8. I'd give Dillon his own FoF just to stop elongated his vowels so obnoxiously on the lead-in to his show.
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    you can't invest in a person with that name.
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    i havent watched that network for years, period

    brainwashing brainwashes you, even if you know it's brainwashing
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