Ron Insana has become an astute economic commentator

Discussion in 'Economics' started by McCloud, May 26, 2005.

  1. McCloud


    Just watched another great commentary by Ron Insana on CNBC, this one about real estate...

    I believe he has become one of the most astute members of the financial media and a real asset to CNBC.

    Refreshing to see someone intelligent and knowledgeable like him conducting interviews and making economic commentaries compare to the rest of them!
  2. Ron Insana is wonderful.. a true delight. His real estate commentary today is worthy of a prize - just brilliant!

    Every time CNBC disappoints me and I want to ban the channel, Insana keeps me as a viewer. I personally think he could make a good money manager.
  3. Bluedog


    Agreed, and today's report was a great piece IMO

  4. yeah, but he's lousy trader.
    anybody can go long on ge.
  5. so basically, what did he say?
  6. I like his commentary and he's way better than that sad sack bag of wind Larry Kudlow. When are they gonna fire his cheerleading azz?
  7. Larry is a very good commentator when he has a foil. By himself however he gets a bit carried away in that he lets his basis speak louder than his arguments
  8. you guys actually watch CNBC for the commentary? i pretty much watch it for maria bartiromo because she always has a seductive look in her eye. and dont forget about silvia wadhwa from CNBC Europe. she will always be my honeybun!

    honestly though, they do have some interesting pieces like the "walmart in china" and "nanotech" stories but in regards to intraday trading, they dont really bring anything substantial to the table.