Romneys records starting to leak

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    Gawker publishes financial records about Romney’s investments

    Mitt Romney has repeatedly pushed back on Democratic calls for him to release more information about his personal finances—pointing to the 2010 tax returns and 2011 tax summary he released earlier this year.

    But Gawker's John Cook has gotten his hands on 950 pages of financial statements for at least 21 funds in which Romney personally invested, including several that were based overseas. According to Gawker, the funds were affiliated with Bain Capital, Romney's former firm.

    Gawker hasn't said how it obtained the documents. But a spokeswoman for Gawker told Yahoo News the site did not pay for them.

    It wasn't immediately clear if there were any financial bombshells—which Gawker admits, saying in a note to readers that one of the reasons the site published the documents in full online was to ask "readers to help evaluate."

    The Romney campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the document dump. But it's unlikely to end calls for Romney to release additional years of his tax returns.
  2. Probably just the beginning
  3. Lies about 1999-2001 where he claimed to be a resident of MA. Then he goes back and retroactively changed his residence. Just a small sample of what he may be hiding.
  4. By election day we might know everything hes trying to hide :D

    As I said just the beginning :D :D :D
  5. How about his campaign financing? Is he funded by the gambling/sin/etc money from that zionist piece of s*it?
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    Ah I doubt that.
  7. Nope,Mittens
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    You certainly have a smoking gun on this one. It has now been determined that Mitt Romney made money and he paid the taxes that he was legally obligated to pay.

    You cant run on Obama's record so all that is left is character assassination.