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  1. Romney replicates McCain's desperate Pennsylvania gambit

    The Romney campaign must be relieved that they have to stop pretending Tuesday night.

    Romney officials tell National Review Online that the campaign is focused on two key states as Election Day nears: Ohio and Pennsylvania. They believe that they are competitive in Ohio, but should it drift away, they’re looking at Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes as a possible substitute for the Buckeye State. “We have got to win one of those two states and do well everywhere else,” a Romney adviser says. “We’re still pushing in Ohio, but it’s unpredictable. Pennsylvania, however, is really in play.”

    They have to talk Pennsylvania because their first love, Ohio, won't return their affection.

    Ohio continues to be an uphill battle for Romney. He’s heading to Cleveland, part o fa manufacturing region in northeast Ohio, hoping to win over disgruntled blue-collar workers in the final hours. “We’re doing everything we can,but I don’t see a lot in Ohio that points to a clear Republican victory,” says a Romney insider. “The president has been hammering us for months,” and the auto bailout is popular.

    Since those Buckeyes are showing gratitude to the fucking government for saving their jobs, they've got to look for an alternative that isn't so communist.

    Problem is, Obama's 50-44.3 percent lead in the HuffPo polling compositei n Pennsylvania is much bigger than the president's 49.2-45.8 percent advantage in Ohio.

    So let's try to get this straight: they can't win Ohio, but they can win the state in which they're even further behind than Ohio? It'd be like replacing Eli Manning with, say, Heath Shuler, because the Giants are trailing in a game. Then pretending you've upgraded your offense.

    The move is downright farcical. But hey, this inglorious, flailing finale is fitting for a guy who doesn't deserve a modicum of dignity as he exits stage Right. Consider this the appetizer to the concession speech he'll be giving Tuesday night.
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    most of those those polls were slanted.
    even alexrod said they would not do as well as 2008.
    a composite or average of slanted polls is worthless.
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    Rasmussen is slanted too??
  4. LOL.. Gone and Goner!