Romney Won

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  1. Most people saw it as a draw or slight edge to obama. I agree, but under the circumstances, that counts as a win for romney, possibly a big win. Obama has a failed record. His only hope is to convince people that Romney is unacceptable. Hence the claims that Romney was lying in Obama's first four or five answers.

    The crux of the debate wasn't the back and forth between the candidates, or Candy Crowley's obvious bias and embarrassing incompetence. It came down to one question, a question that Crowley no doubt intended to be a softball the president could smack out of the park.

    An african american man asked it. He said he had voted for obama but wasn't sure he had done enough to warrant another vote. Obama gave a rambling answer filled with talking points.

    Romney rose and delivered what may well be the greatest answer in the history of debates, "There you go again" notwithstanding. He went through a devastating take down of Obama's failures, point by point, displaying an impressive grasp of facts and figures and a dazzling ability to put them all together on his feet sans teleprompter.

    It was clearly the high point of the debate and was commented on by virtually all the talking heads afterwards. Romney, through that answer, accomplished two crucial goals. He tore the Obama record to shreds, effectively telling people we can do better. Plus, he demonstrated that he was a more than capable replacement for obama. Listening to that answer, you understood immediately why Romney was a superstar in the management consulting business. You understood how he built Bain and rescued the Olympics.

    I believe for many voters, the debate ended with that answer.
  2. romney is a snake oil salesman....... trust me, if you take this magic elixir all your problems will be cured.
    the problem is all he is selling is sugar water.
  3. Romney's performance also seemed guided by highly sophisticated psychological ploys.

    Many have concluded that Obamsa displays signs of narcissistic personality dosorder. Narcissists typically do not respond well to direct challenges or personal criticism. I wonder if part of Romney's aggressive questioning of obama was driven by this insight. Obama seemed to handle it pretty well, but it might have thrown him off his game in other aspects.

    Also, there was the alpha male competition, which in my mind Romney easily won. He is slightly larger than obama and far more imposing. He invaded obama's space and tried to dominate him thorugh force of personality. Crowely seemed acutely aware of this and tried desperately to shield Obama, which in a way excacerbated the problem.

    Finally, can there be any doubt that no one has talked to obama like Romney did, at least in the past four years? Romney treated him, not as an equal or as president, but as a junior associate who had made some big blunders and was trying to cover them up. The effect was to erode the presidential aura that has never fit obama very comfortably. A space alien transported into the auditorium would have assumed that Romney was the president, not the other way around. Since Obama's primary strategy is to paint Romney as an unacceptable alternative, this is a devastating blow to him.
  4. lol. the mind of a right wing nutter. always a conspiricy someplace.
  5. Binders full of women was a winner coming from a Mormon :cool:
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    Good analysis AAA. I think Romney won the debate on economics which is what concerns voters most so that gives Romney the win on what matters.

    Also, after all the lies and distorted facts used by Biden in the VP debate I think people were looking to see if Obama was going to do the same and EVERYONE knows Obama said the Libya attack was because of a movie. He just reinforced everyone's belief that he and Biden are playing loose with the facts to suit their message.
  7. They win one debate, and now they have to revert back to conspiracies. Would be nice to see them admit that Romney lost. I admitted Obama lost the first one, but then again, I live in the real world.
  8. I was actually surprised at how casual Obama was with the truth. I guess he figures the media will ignore it and he's probably right. Also, he was playing to undecideds, and anyone who is still undecided probably has a very weak grasp of the situation.

    Apart from Libya, he told some obvious whoppers about his oil and gas record. Then he actually said he was a coal supporter. This is the single most anti-coal administration in history, and we are paying for it, both in jobs and utility costs.

    Romney hammered on the deficit and debt. Given how people's eyes glaze over when numbers are mentioned, you have to wonder if it made much of an impression, but it was an important point. I thought he did a much better job of highlighting the economic situation than he did in the first debate.
  9. AAA, the problem is most viewers don't have your keen eye for the details. What many saw was the white devil beating up on the poor black guy who was just trying to defend himself. And I'm not talking about the black voters who will vote for Obama regardless. It's the white liberals and dems in general who saw it that way, guaranteed.
  10. you use the word details and romney in the same sentence? hehas refused to give any details.
    what is the matter with you people? do you hate the black man so much that you are willing to give romney a pass that you would crucify the other side if they tried it?
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