Romney Won acording to political genius Dick Morris

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  1. that is good news since dick morris has never been right about anything.

    Is Dick Morris the world's worst political pundit?

    On this evidence, the answer is a clear and unambiguous yes
    We all make silly statements. We all make poor predictions. Indeed most Washington pundits are right as often as they are wrong. One Washington prognosticator, however, stands above the rest.

    Step up, Dick Morris.

    Morris was at one time a top political operative. From his guiding of now Congressman Jerry Nadler's student government campaign to his work for Bill Clinton, Morris was a winner. He was running another Bill Clinton campaign, in 1996, when he found himself embroiled in a sex scandal.

    That imbroglio marked a turning point. Morris was no longer to work for Clinton. Instead, he reinvented himself as a writer and television pundit. It is this work that we celebrate here today.

    Morris' ability to make statements and predictions that are often so, so wrong is exceptional. He has been called the "worst pundit in America". The more cynical among us might argue that the word "America" should be replaced with "world". Indeed, to recall all of Morris's spectacular failures would require more space than Santa is allotted for his Christmas list.

    Instead, I bring you ten fun and exciting Dick Morris audios, images, videos (in chronological order). Most of these are forecasts, hilarious for just how wrong they were. I cannot guarantee them as the top ten of all time: there are just too many Dick Morris moments from which to choose, so please feel free to note any choices that I've omitted in the discussion thread.
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    The CNN poll found Romney won on the issues like the economy.
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    It was a skewed sample, though.

  4. Romney is going to hammer him on Libya next week :cool:
  5. Dick Morris, perfect. As noted, the worst record of any of the stupid pundits. I love the humor in the thread title. Genius.
  6. and then obama should just say that republicans cut 128 million out of the embassy protection budget. these things have consequences.

    GOP Rep: I ‘Absolutely’ Voted To Cut Funding For Embassy Security
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said today that he voted to cut funding for U.S. embassy security amid political attacks from Republicans that the Obama administration did not do enough to secure the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya that was attacked last month.

    For fiscal 2013, the GOP-controlled House proposed spending $1.934 billion for the State Department’s Worldwide Security Protection program — well below the $2.15 billion requested by the Obama administration. House Republicans cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in fiscal 2012. (Negotiations with the Democrat-controlled Senate restored about $88 million of the administration’s request.) Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Republicans’ proposed cuts to her department would be “detrimental to America’s national security” — a charge Republicans rejected.

    [GOP vice presidential nominee Paul] Ryan, [Rep. Darrell] Issa and other House Republicans voted for an amendment in 2009 to cut $1.2 billion from State operations, including funds for 300 more diplomatic security positions. Under Ryan’s budget, non-defense discretionary spending, which includes State Department funding, would be slashed nearly 20 percent in 2014, which would translate to more than $400 million in additional cuts to embassy security.
  7. Romney has already gotten burned 4 times on the Libya issue.Obama will set another trap for him and Mitt will probably fall for it and get embarrassed again
  8. Romney even set himself up by saying the 100% line, gave Obama the perfect opportunity to hit him with the 47%, what a foolish thing to do. Romney is his own worst enemy.

  9. The GOP will take the Senate in 2010

    MORRIS: GOP will win House, Senate
    By Dick Morris - 04/06/10

    " Republicans will gain more than 50 House seats and at least 10 in the Senate, enough to take control in both chambers. That’s reality. "-Dick Morris

    A week before 2008 election day dick said undecideds would break for McCain and Obama would get less then 50 % of the vote.


    Hilary will win the nomination


    Newt can win in 2012 !!!!!!!!

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