Romney Win = Stock Market Bubble

Discussion in 'Politics' started by achilles28, Oct 17, 2012.

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    'Zero tax on interest, dividends and capital gains, for middle class investors (those earning below 200K).'
  2. "Middle class investors" is about 10 years too late.

    I'm sure you've seen the stats that equity outflows have been going on for the past few years, in spite of the equity rally. ZIRP is closing down alot of those equity accounts for middle class investors.
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    From my understanding, alot of cash is on the sidelines. True, ZIRP has killed fixed-income investment, but zero tax on cap gains and dividends is very bullish for equities. I'll do some digging today.

    Something else - Romney pushed big free trade with Latin America. Could be the new China? Some countries/corps will benefit from that influx of US FDI. Others will lose (US-based? Chinese?).